Up to 80% savings against standard walk up fares

As with our Price Promise, the 80% savings is compared to standard walk-up fares when purchased on the day. We have performed a number of searches across a wide variety of routes and dates looking at the difference in price between the Standard walk-up fare (Anytime) and the best deal you could get by purchasing your train ticket in advance through our site.

How does it work?

Through these searches we are able to show that booking in advance and committing yourself to a train and travel date you can save up to 80% against standard walk-up fares when booking in advance.

Not all routes and journeys offer advance purchase fares, the advance fares tend to be available over longer distance journeys. Many shorter journeys do not offer the advance fares or reservations.

Advance fares are quota controlled by the Train Operating Compan ies and are made available according to the rules they set for their trains based upon a number of factors. Please see our page on how to get the best fares by clicking this link for advice on searching for cheap train fares .