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Cyclo-railing: Get on your bike … and on the train!

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Guildford rail station’s become the first to trial public-use bikes as more train-goers give cyclo-railing a try. Check our journey planner for cheap tickets and get on the train … and on your bike.

Guildford rail station’s become the first British train station to trial public-use bikes as more train-goers turn to cyclo-railing – a trend that sees eco-conscious commuters get on their bike and then on the train.

Now passengers taking the train to Guildford can buy a smart card online that’ll let them open a locker and borrow a bike for just £1.60 a day, so they can leave the car at home and get about town just as easily.

Guildford’s transport chief Phil Dominey said the scheme should help commuters make travel plans that are eco- and wallet-friendly.

Meanwhile, his colleague Mark Antwis noted that bike journeys have increased ten-fold over the past ten years, meaning more train stations might roll out bike rental schemes in future – especially if commuters keep up the cyclo-railing trend.

Guardian columnist and keen cyclist Jules Acton said people should give cyclo-railing a try as it’s easy-to-do and helps improve fitness.

In fact, Ms Acton described cyclo-railing as a “mini-adventure” – though she admitted it does have a downside or two, as bikes invariably need the odd puncture repair and train services can be delayed – especially during bad weather.

What’s more, Ms Acton said cyclo-railers will need to think of compiling a cycling kit, especially if they’re cyclo-railing to work.

“If you are thinking of cyclo-railing yourself, you will need a special kit. The latter includes a smartphone, netbook, puncture repair gear, smellies, hair-taming tools and a non-crease change of clothes,” she said.

“Cycle fashionistas have tips on the best clothes, but I can confirm it is possible to transform your look from scruffy into a meeting-ready one on a busy London street with only a wrap-around skirt and some cycle leggings that roll up underneath said skirt like nothing unsmart ever happened.”

Whether you’re taking the train (and your bike!) to work or on a day trip or holiday, don’t forget to check our journey planner first for cheap train tickets.

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