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Government set to improve railways even more

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Source Credit: The Guardian

The Government’s announced changes to rail franchising that could help improve Blighty’s railways and make train travel even cheaper.

The Department for Transport recently published a document outlining a reform to rail franchising that will make franchises longer and less prescriptive, so firms have more license to innovate and improve passenger services and more incentive to invest.

According to the Association of Train Operating Companies’ (ATOC) Michael Roberts, the changes could soon help to make train travel cheaper and more enjoyable.

“The next few years present a chance to improve fundamentally how the railways are run,” Roberts said.

“On the right terms, longer and less prescriptive franchises would give train companies more opportunity to invest in improvements, respond more quickly to passengers’ needs and reduce costs.

“We welcome the government’s commitment to a horses for courses approach to franchising. The Secretary of State rightly recognises the scale of work ahead to translate principle into practice – his announcement will allow the government and bidders alike to plan how best to respond to that challenge.”

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