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Long train journey? Try our top 10 travel games …

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Looking for something to liven up a long train journey or take the edge off your morning commute?

Forget playing ‘I Spy’ or sneakily eyeing a fellow passenger’s copy of the Metro, The Independent’s picked out its top ten travel games – perfect for travel weary train-goers.

Whether you’re looking to entertain the kids on-route or liven up a long train journey, you’ll need a travel game or two.

Luckily, The Independent’s picked out its top ten travel games – so there’s no need to squash a full-size board game into your bags.

Check out the top ten travel games below and, win or lose, remember to save on your train tickets by using our journey planner to find cheap fares too.

1. Rubiks’ Revo
It may look like a Rubiks’ cube, but this quirky gadget’s actually a set of 6 electronic puzzle games – perfect for playing on the platform or on the train.

2. Boggle Flash
A train-friendly version of the much-loved board game, Boggle Flash has 5 pocket-sized electronic letter tiles. Just play on the train and see who can win by spelling out the most words in 90 seconds.

3. Travel Backgammon
Backgammon may be the oldest board-game in the world, but new, nifty travel-sized versions are making the game even more popular with today’s rail-riders.

4. GoKids Apps: Save Paris
This iPhone and iPad app is perfect for entertaining the kids on long or short journeys. Just click away and let the little ones save Paris from invading aliens while picking up a little local lingo.

5. Bananagrams
Scrabble fans will love Bananagrams – Scrabble tiles in a banana pouch. Just use your tiles to make-up words. The first person to use all their tiles wins – perfect for train-travellers who’ve nabbed a table.

6. Bop It Reinvention
This travel-sized game will have you twisting and moving on the platform and in your seat – perfect for kids (and grown-ups) who just can’t sit still.

7. Pass The Pig
This game’s great for dice fans who’ve grabbed a table seat. Just roll pig-shaped dice and win or lose points depending on how they land.

8. Travel Guess Who?
This family favourite’s been shrunk to train-friendly size, so commuters can put those people watching skills to good use.

9. Travel Trivial Pursuit
Keep your mind active and test your general knowledge on long train journeys with Trivial Pursuit’s iPhone app. Just remember to bring your charger along too.

10. Travel Connect 4
This nifty travel favourite’s sure to keep kids and grown-ups occupied on and off the train.

What’s your favourite way to pass-time on the train?

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