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More job seekers take the train

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More job seekers are travelling smart and getting to interviews by train, just as more workers are swapping their cars for a greener commute.

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It’s official – more job seekers are travelling smart and getting to interviews by train.

According to ATOC – the Association of Train Operating Companies, train travel seems to be really working for job seekers, as train travel tends to be much cheaper than car journeys.

In fact, ATOC figures show that job seekers are travelling further afield in search of work, with many candidates ruling out car journeys and pricey petrol re-fills.

What’s more, job seekers can get more last-minute interview prep on the train than they can when they’re stuck at traffic-lights or in slow-moving lanes.

David Mapp, an ATOC spokesman, said many people now rely on cheap train tickets to get to and from interviews, vocational training and the job centre.

The train expert encouraged job seekers to ask about discounted train tickets at their local job centre or to look for cheap fares online.

Mr Mapp said: “These figures are an insight to the way the job market is changing. People are no longer looking for jobs in the local area, but are travelling farther afield and going the extra mile to find work.

“Train companies recognise that times are tough for many people, but particularly for those [who are] not in regular work. The discount we offer to active jobseekers means they can get cheap tickets to travel to job interviews, visit the jobcentre, and attend vocational training.

“Fast, reliable and affordable rail services are vital to get people around for work and for leisure. The use of these discount cards shows the key role the railways have in helping the economic recovery, and also the social benefits it offers.”

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