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Multi-million investment to reduce congestion

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Train companies are promising to spend big to reduce congestion and make train travel even easier.

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It’s understandable that trains get busy from time to time – after all, more and more people are swapping pricey petrol pumps for cheap train tickets.

But there’s nothing more annoying than having to push your way on board from the platform to nab a seat – especially after a long day at work, on busy weekends or during holiday season.

So train-goers are bound to feel a little happier now that ATOC’s said trains should become less congested very soon, thanks to a multi-million investment.

According to ATOC – the Association of Train Operating Companies, train companies are working hard to reduce congestion by making platforms longer, putting more carriages on the tracks and by improving notices and services at train stations.

And they’re better able to make improvements now that the Government’s promised to invest £150 million in order to revamp railway stations.

An ATOC spokesman said: “Train companies recognise that passengers do not want to travel through very busy stations, and are working with Network Rail, which owns the train stations in Britain, to reduce congestion as much as possible.

“As Network Rail’s report identifies, millions are to be invested at key stations to fund improvements including bigger concourses and longer platforms.

“In addition, train companies continue to work hard to relieve congestion at the stations they manage, according to passenger needs and local circumstances.”

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