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National Cycle Awards honours cycle-friendly trains

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If you like to put your foot to the peddle and swerve past the petrol pumps, you’re not alone. More and more people are swapping their cars for train seats and then the cycle saddle – so much so that the National Cycle Awards have praised train companies for making it easier to get on the train and then on your bike. Read on for more and don’t forget to check our journey planner for cheap tickets.

It’s official – getting on the train and then on your bike, or cyclo-railing, is getting easier and more popular.

In fact, according to ATOC – the Association of Train Operating Companies – Britain’s train companies have been honoured at the National Cycle Awards for making it easier for commuters and holidaymakers to cyclo-rail and get from A to B in a way that’s both greener and cheaper.

ATOC spokesman Michael Roberts praised train companies for getting behind cyclo-railing by championing school cycle schemes and making more than 1,500 additional in-carriage cycle spaces available over the past year.

He said: “Train companies and the rail industry as a whole are committed to improving and developing cycle-rail provision, as cycling plays an ever more important role in Britain’s growing railway.

“We have seen a record number of entries to the Awards this year; not only from train companies and other industry organisations, but from cyclists themselves.

“The consistently high standard of entries reflects a real commitment to improving facilities which both help those who have already decided to cycle, and encourage more people to opt for ‘saddle and train’.”

If you’ve not swapped your car for the train seat and bike saddle, don’t worry – it’s easy to start. If you’re looking to commute daily, just enquire at your local station and see whether they can guarantee a cycle space on your morning train or suggest the best time to travel.

And if you’re looking to cyclo-rail on a daytrip just ask if they can hold a bike space for you on the train – though most carriages have plenty of bike docks or spaces by the door for storing bikes, prams and large suitcases.

Just don’t forget to check our journey planner for cheap tickets before you saddle up and ride.

What do you think of cyclo-railing?

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