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Take the train to Yorkshire … for vampires by Twilight

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The Yorkshire town of Whitby is said to have inspired Bram Stoker’s Dracula, so there really is no better spot for Blighty’s Vampire-lovers to celebrate the release of the latest Twilight Movie than where the world’s romance and affinity for the undead began.

Take the train to Yorkshire and see the spots that inspired the famous Mr Stoker ahead of the release of vampire-flick Twilight: Breaking Dawn on 18 November. Just don’t forget to check our journey planner for cheap tickets before you go.

The historic town of Whitby in North Yorkshire has been a go-to spot for lovers of gothic fiction from the 18th century onwards, as it is the city that gave the world Wilkie Collins’ ‘The Woman in White’ and Bram Stoker’s famous ‘Dracula’.

Read on to find out where to go and what to do in Whitby if you’re looking to find vampires by twilight.

Linger outside … Whitby Library

It was at Whitby Library that a holiday-making Stoker first stumbled across the fated name ‘Dracula’.

Climb the ancient steps of … St Mary’s Church yard

After climbing the cliff-side steps of St Mary’s Church yard, Stoker was struck with inspiration to write his famous gothic novel.

Stop by … The Royal Hotel

It was at this historic quayside hotel that Stoker first put ink to paper when drafting Dracula.

See … Whitby Cathedral

The ruins of this ancient Cathedral provided the blueprint for Dracula’s lair, where the count lured both Mina and Lucy in Stoker’s novel.

Go to … Whitby Beach and The Tate Sand Hills

It was by Whitby’s white-sand shores that Dracula supposedly first arrived in Britain, with Stoker penning that Dracula survived a fateful shipwreck by leaping to shore in the form of a dog.

Where will you go in search of vampires this November?

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