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UK Train travel more popular than ever

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Taking the train is one of the most practical and hassle-free ways to travel, so it’s no surprise that the rail industry is in the midst of its busiest year since the 1920s.

The train is a great way to explore the UK, and with so many great destinations to choose from, the hardest part is deciding where to go next. Read our top train travel tips and don’t forget to check our journey planner for cheap tickets to all your favourite spots.

It’s official – trains are as popular now as they were in the roaring twenties.

And according to ATOC – The Association of Train Operating Companies, if you love taking the train, you’re not alone.

In fact, yours will be one of the 314 million passenger journeys already made this year, both for business and pleasure.

Whether you’re in the habit of taking the train regularly or haven’t thought to try it before, read on for some great ideas about how to make life easier by taking the train.

• Take the train to … work


If the words ‘stress’ and ‘commute’ are one in the same for you, then consider taking the train to work instead. Most train stations are in the middle of the city centre, and multiple routes make it easy for you to get to work when you want.

The best part? You don’t have to worry about being late for a big meeting, and in the time you usually spend stuck on congested roads, you can read a book or catch up on an extra few minutes of sleep.

• Take the train … on holiday


Taking the train to your next holiday destination is a cheap alternative to flying – and means you can take those few extra gadgets or pack some more shoes. Take all the luggage you want – the train has ample storage both overhead and on designated luggage racks – and then relax with a game or cards or a treat from the train café.

The best part? With someone else in the driver’s seat for a change, you can leave those pesky maps behind and enjoy the journey as well as the destination.

• Take the train … to visit friends


Catch up with old friends or long lost family members and pay them a visit on their turf. Take the train and reconnect with loved ones without worrying about finding their home off the beaten path. Taking the train is also a great way to plan a special day out.

Why not meet your friends in a new place and explore together, go shopping or have an indulgent meal while you swap stories to make the day even more memorable?

Take the train on your next adventure, or take advantage of a comfortable commute for some added convenience in your life. Wherever you’re heading, you can get there on the train – so don’t forget to check our journey planner for cheap tickets to wherever life takes you next.

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