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Book Club: Get carried away with our romantic rail reading picks

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Love is in the air … and on the rails, thanks to this month’s book club suggestions. Read on to find out which books have captured our hearts this Valentine’s Day.

But don’t forget to check out our journey planner for cheap tickets before you jump aboard a train and get carried away into a world of romance.

Here’s our pick of top Valentine’s Day reads for your rail journey – and if dropping hints to your honey about them doesn’t result in a gift-wrapped romantic book this year, use the money you save by booking cheap train tickets with us to treat yourself instead.

‘Pride and Prejudice’ – Jane Austen

This 19th century classic is sure to feature in any favourite romantic novels list and it’s estimated that more than 20 million copies of it have been sold worldwide.

Sit back in your train seat and allow yourself to be transported to Regency England, to follow the twists and turns of the relationship between Elizabeth Bennet and the wealthy and handsome, yet aloof, Mr Darcy.

‘Pride and Prejudice’ isn’t just a love story though – it’s packed with the witty social commentary that characterises Jane Austen’s work, so you’ll be laughing and sighing as you read it.

‘Love’ – National Geographic

OK, so the National Geographic’s ‘Love’ isn’t compact enough to pop into your handbag or rucksack. But if you’re heading off on a long train journey, it’s worth making space for this beautiful book in your luggage.

Grab a train seat with a table, open up this book (and your heart), and lose yourself in a world of love-themed photos.

‘Other People’s Love Letters: 150 Letters You Were Never Meant to See’ – Bill Shapiro

The perfect choice for anyone curious about other peoples’ love lives, this fascinating book contains 150 contemporary love letters, including emails, text messages and love notes scrawled on paper napkins.

According to Bill Shapiro’s introduction, that reading the love notes in this collection “is like picking the lock on a stranger’s heart and peering inside during the most intense moments of his or her life.”

Not all the notes in the book are simply messages between happy couples – Shapiro made the decision to collect letters reflecting ‘candid moments of uncertainty, bitterness, and regret” too, in order to reflect the complexities of love. So whether cosy sentiment or unfulfilled romance tugs at your heart strings, you’ll find something you love in this collection.

‘The Nation’s Favourite: Love Poems’ – edited by Daisy Goodwin

Roses are red
Violets are blue
We’ve got the perfect
Love poems for you.

And we can pretty much guarantee that all of the poems in this collection will be better than that one. With 100 popular love poems to read, you’ll be able to immerse yourself in romantic verse for the entire train journey, wherever you’re heading to.

The collection includes poems by Shakespeare, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, John Donne, Christina Rossetti, Philip Larkin and Wendy Cope.

‘I’ve Got Your Number’ – Sophie Kinsella

The queen of chick lit is back with a brand new novel and it’s a must-have for anyone who wants to indulge in a bit of romantic comedy this February.

The novel, by the author of the famous ‘Shopaholic’ books, isn’t due out in the UK until 16 February – but that gives you the perfect excuse to feel loved up for a few extra days this year.

Have you got any Valentine’s Day train reading recommendations? Let us know below…

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