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Don’t be a muggle – dress up for Wizard Week!

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If you’re hopping on board a train to York for Wizard Week (11 – 19 February) or taking another Harry Potter-themed train journey, don’t be a muggle. Make sure you’re wearing your finest dress robes and you’ve packed your broomstick, wand and spell books.

Here, fancy dress and party planning experts at blog for us about what to wear if you’re a fan of the Boy Who Lived. So read on and get set for Wizard Week.

If you’re off to York’s National Railway Museum to see the Hogwarts Express during Wizard Week, then it’s time to look out your wand, dress robes and broom as there’ll be a fancy dress competition at this year’s event – and on Facebook.

At, we stock official Harry Potter costumes, so we’ve put together our pick of what’ll look magic at Wizard Week. Here’s what we think you should dress up as if you’re taking the train to York and looking to impress the judges:

Dress up as … The Boy Who Lived

If you’ve got cropped black hair – then you might be able to pass for the boy wizard himself. Just remember to make sure you’ve got your glasses, wand, Gryffindor scarf and Nimbus broomstick, and create Harry’s famous lightning-bolt shaped scar using make-up.

Dress up … as a magic student

Add a Gryffindor scarf and cloak to your school uniform and you might just be able to pass as Ron, Hermione or another Hogwarts student. You could even put in a little extra effort and take along a broom, some spell books or even a toy owl. But if you’re really looking to impress, why not go as a foreign exchange student from the TriWizard Tournament? Curl your hair and wear a blue dress and white tights if you’re going as a Beauxbatons student like Fleur Delacour, or wear a red cape, tunic or fur-trimmed hat if you’re going as a Durmstrang student like Viktor Krum.

Dress up as … a Hogwarts Professor

If you’re not young enough to pass for a student, dress up as a Hogwarts Professor. Try a white wig and beard and a wizard hat for Dumbledore; glasses, a witch’s hat and a stern expression for McGonagall; and a trench coat and dark beard for Hagrid. You could even take an extra hat along with you – and say it’s Hogwart’s very own sorting hat.

Dress up as … a villain

Declare war on mud-bloods and do-gooders – go to Wizard Week as a Death Eater or even as Lord Voldermort himself. Paint your face white, and opt for dark capes, waistcoats or frockcoats with lace detailing or brooches. Make sure you take a coin bag full of gold too, as the Malfoys and their evil chums are sure to have filled many a Gringotts deposit box with their ill-gotten gains.

Dress up as … a house elf

If you’re looking to score points for originality, dress up as a house elf. Wear old clothes, a tunic or a sheet, paint your face green and add some elf ears – and don’t forget to carry a pair of socks or a dustpan and brush to show that you’re taking your house-elf duties seriously.

This post was written by Check their official Harry Potter costumes and their blog for more costume ideas and party planning tips.

And don’t forget to let us know if you’re dressing up for Wizard Week by leaving a comment below …

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