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Our pick of vintage rail posters – advertising Glasgow

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Scotland’s largest city has long been a popular destination for train travellers. Take a look at our pick of vintage railway posters to see how Glasgow was portrayed in years gone by – and if you’re planning a trip to Glasgow in the future, don’t forget to check our journey planner for cheap train tickets.

1. The 1901 Glasgow International Exhibition, held at the city’s Kelvingrove Park, included some stunning examples of technological and industrial developments within its exhibits, as well as contemporary art – so what better way to get there than on the most modern form of public transport, the train?

This poster, which was produced for the Great Northern, North Eastern and North British Railways, emphasises the extra comfort that rail passengers could enjoy – including sleeping carriages and dining saloons, as well as the fact that travelling by rail was, as it still is today, a cheap and convenient option.


2. The British Pullman services were the last word in luxury for rail travellers, who could sit back and relax in first-class carriages with steward service and enjoy sumptuous meals in the elegant dining cars.

This British Railways Eastern Region poster, from the 1950s, was designed to promote ‘The Queen of Scots’ Pullman service, which ran between London’s Kings Cross Station and Glasgow’s Queen Street Station every weekday.



3. This 1976 poster advertising Inter-City rail services showed prospective passengers the different types of attractions they could find in Glasgow, from shops and entertainment venues to coastal views.

And you’ll find even more attractions there today, so make sure you take the train to Glasgow and discover everything this beautiful city has to offer.




Do you have any favourite memories of train journeys to Glasgow? Let us know by leaving a comment below …

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