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5 of the strangest things left on trains …

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You might expect the UK’s railway stations’ lost luggage office to be full of wallets, phones and umbrellas. But sometimes passengers leave the strangest things behind on trains.

Read on for our top five tales about things that bemused conductors have found on trains. And if you’re forgetful, put a note in your diary to remind you to check our journey planner for cheap train tickets, car hire and hotel rooms before you set off on your next trip.

1. Surprising seafood

One the strangest finds train officials have made has to be a dead octopus in a bag. The owner of this bizarre luggage – which, according to newspaper reports in 2009, was handed in to the lost property office at Edinburgh Waverley Station – was never traced, so unfortunately we’ll never know where its real destination should have been.

2. Letting the cat out the bag

Paddington Bear isn’t the only animal to have travelled by train. Last month we told you about some amazing animal antics on platforms, but some people have also left their pets on trains.

In 2009, a cat – together with a bag containing its litter tray and food bowl – was left on a train to Glasgow. And another cat, named Holly, was left on a Cross Country train in the Bristol area, although she was later reunited with her owner.

3. Wonders in Waterloo

If you leave something on board one of South West Trains carriages, it’ll eventually end up at the lots property office at London’s Waterloo Station. And a few years ago, a Bournemouth Echo reporter ventured in to this fascinating room of random objects to see what sort of things get left behind.

Maria Court told the paper’s readers that the manager drew her attention to some particularly peculiar arrivals, including a life-size cardboard cut-out of Pamela Anderson, a prosthetic arm, a gas mask, an un-boxed deep fat fryer, an African mask and “a toy hamster which sang Kung Fu Fighting”.

4. Going underground…with peculiar travelling companions

It’s not just the left luggage offices of mainline train stations which are packed full of oddities either. Take a look at what’s stored in Transport for London’s Lost Property office in Baker Street and you’d be forgiven for thinking that characters from the children’s classic ‘The Wombles’ had been stashing their finds here.

In 2009, the office told the press that along with bags, books and clothing, property left on tubes and in Underground Stations had included a home vasectomy kit, a puffer fish, a pair of breast implants and even a park bench.

5. Snakes on a train

When The Asylum released a low-budget movie called ‘Snakes on a Train’, taking inspiration from the blockbuster cinema release ‘Snakes on a Plane’, they would have had no idea that their title would become reality.

But it did last year when, according to news service, baffled officials at Quang Ngai Railway Station, Vietnam discovered four bags of venomous cobras stashed under a seat on the Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi service. It’s believed that the slithering stowaways had been left on the train by snake smugglers, who legged it while train staff were retrieving the snakes. The cobras were later released back into the wild.

Have you read any funny stories about things left on trains? Have you left anything unusual on the train? Did you find it again? Please tweet or Facebook us and let us know…

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