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RSH Tips: Fresher’s Week University Survival Guide

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Jump feet first into university life by making the most of all the fun and excitement Fresher’s Week has to offer. This celebration of student life is the perfect time to start meeting people in a new city, making friends and learning a little about the journey ahead – so don’t miss out.

When you’re travelling to a new city for university, always book a train journey a week or two before your course start date, giving you plenty of time for fresher’s fun and settling in. Cut your costs with cheap train tickets from and save more cash for spending on student essentials. Just read on for some student do’s and don’ts for Fresher’s Week and beyond…

Accept all social invitations

There will soon come a time for some serious hard work, but Fresher’s Week is the time to let your hair down and meet new people. For one week only, promise yourself that you won’t turn down any social invitations that come your way.

It’s likely that during Fresher’s Week you’ll meet people who aren’t on your course or don’t live if your halls and while you won’t get on with everyone, it’s great to widen your chances of finding friends you otherwise wouldn’t.

Bear a budget in mind

It’s true it’s the perfect time to let your hair down, but don’t let the excitement of Fresher’s Week break your bank. Set yourself a (generous as possible) budget for the week and stay within it if you don’t want to spend your first term at university surviving on super-noodles and beans on toast.

Don’t forget, you may find you still have a few textbook and university essentials to buy too. By all means, eat, drink and be merry, but always bear a budget in mind.

Get to know your new home

If you’ve moved to a new city for your studies you should get out there and start exploring as soon as possible. By familiarising yourself with your new town you’ll make life much easier for yourself – and you’re much less likely to feel homesick!

It’s also a great idea to visit your university town before you move, if you can. Train tickets to the UK’s top university cities can be cheap if you book in advance and it’s well worth the investment. If you book trains to London or trains to Glasgow for a weekend break before you start your course, you’ll have a picture in your mind of where you’ll be going – helping boost your confident in the run up to the big day.

Join some selective societies

One of the great things about university life is the sheer breadth of interests you’ll discover. Students tend to love the chance to share their passion for their hobbies and this results in a bewildering number of clubs and societies.

Joining one of these is a great way to form new friendships but don’t get carried away and sign up to any you’re offered. You wont do yourself any favours by being over-committed and having to pull out and if you don’t have a genuine interest, don’t sign your name to it.

Collect essential information

In the rush of discovering new places and deciding on new favourite hang outs, it’s easy to forget about the essentials. Where is the nearest shop with all night or late opening hours? Have you saved the phones numbers for a few local taxi firms on your phone? Have you thought about registering for a local doctor or student service?

The right answers to these questions can help you out of a tight spot and you should consider these and other essentials in the days before Fresher’s Week kicks off in earnest.

Plan visits from family and faithful friends

Fresher’s Week is all about discovering the new you that’s about to spend several years studying, learning and exploring the world, but that’s not to say you should forget about familiar faces from your past.

Feel grounded and banish homesickness by planning visits from your old friends and family in the months following Fresher’s Week. That means that even if you have an off day, you’ll have something to look forward to.

Are you a student with some advice to share? Is there something you wish you’d known when you first started university? Let us know in the comments below…

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