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Top Ten Tips for Regular Rail Commuters

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If you’re back to work and the summer holidays are already a distant memory, the daily commute doesn’t have to bring you down. Make sure your work-related train journeys are as pleasant as possible with cheap train tickets and a little preparation.

Read on for some handy hints for banishing post summer, railway blues…

1. Stay Hydrated and Fed

There’s nothing guaranteed to make you grumpy faster than finding yourself hungry or thirsty during your busy commute. A bottle of water and a cereal bar or piece of fruit are essential kit for any regular traveller. Sealed coffee cups are also an excellent addition to your travel plans, especially for morning commutes, but be careful as few travel mugs are completely drip-proof.

2. Get in the Zone

Your early morning and evening commutes to and from work are a good opportunity to separate your home and professional life. Spend your journey transferring from one zone to the other, so that you arrive at work raring to go and by the time you get home, relaxation mode is in full swing.

3. Lose Yourself in Literature

Put your travel time to good use and use it as an opportunity to open up new worlds. There are few better times to sink into a good book, and with the advancement of e-readers and ebook programs for smartphones, you have more formats at your disposal than ever. If you find it hard to keep your eyes on the page during a train journey, audio books could be just the on-board entertainment you need.

4. Cut Your Costs

The money you spend on work-related travel is one of the biggest annoyances about it, so cut your costs by always checking our journey planner for cheap train tickets to your daily destinations before you set off to see how much you could save on a regular basis.

5. Catch Some Z’s

If you’re lucky enough to be a heavy sleeper and you have a long enough journey, your commute might be a good time to have a little power nap. Only attempt this if you’re familiar with the trip though, and can set an alarm on your phone to wake you up with plenty of time before your stop. Otherwise you could sleep past your stop.

6. Make Notes

You may have noticed that during a train journey, your mind often starts to wander. The time you spend commuting is time that you can’t spend doing normally daily tasks like doing the dishes or sorting out your desk at work and this means it’s often a fertile time for ideas. Make sure you have a pen and paper handy, or at least a phone with a notepad function, to record any brainwaves that come your way during the trip.

7. Sharpen Your Mind

To keep your mind alert and your wits about you, use your commuting time as an opportunity to complete puzzles. From Crosswords and Sudokus to advanced word games or difficult math equations, testing your skills can help keep your mind sharper for longer.

8. Be Flexible

When you make the same journey every day, it can become very easy to get set in your ways and find yourself annoyed when things happen to throw off your routine. But if you want to keep your blood pressure low for your commute, you need to learn not to get frustrated if someone is sitting in your favourite seat or an unexpected delay comes up. Embrace unpredictability and try to see the positive sides.

9. Lower Your Anxiety Levels

That said, sometimes staying calm is easier said than done. Rather than let stress get to you, employ a few handy tricks for chilling out and enjoy a smoother ride. Inhale deeply through your nose, hold your breath for five seconds then exhale slowly and repeat until you feel your heart rate drop. You can also distract yourself with memories of better times or by focusing on a particular sense, such as sight, smell or sound.

10. Consider Booking In Bulk

To keep your costs as low as possible, you might find that you’re best to book your tickets in advance and plan all of your commutes carefully, especially if you have a long way to go. It also means you won’t have to fuss with money or cards dring the journey or queue for tickets at a busy station – the last things you want when you’re on your daily commute.

Are you an expert when it comes to the daily commute? Do you have some great tips for having a pleasant journey? Let us know in the comments below…

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