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Halloween Treats: Ghost Trains and Haunted Stations

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The next time you hop on a train, spare a thought for some of the gruesome and chilling ghost stories that could be haunting the tracks. Trains and train stations have long been a centre for ghoulish legends throughout the years, including some truly terrifying tales that are said to be true.

We’ve collected some of our favourite spooky train stories for you to enjoy this Halloween, so read on and give yourself something spectral to reflect on during your next train journey…

The Tay Bridge Disaster

One of Scotland’s most famous ghosts stories in inspired by the Tay Bridge disaster of 1873. The tragedy took place at around 19.15 on December 28, when the central spans of the bridge (which had only just been completed) collapsed and tipped a train and its passengers into the icy waters of the Firth of Tay. A gale force wind howled as rescuers failed to find a single survivor.

Ever since, there have been repeated tales of witnesses viewing a brightly-lit phantom train speeding along the bridge of the anniversary of the disaster. And, chillingly, when the train reaches the halfway point, it abruptly disappears, as though plunging to a watery grave once again.

The Never-There Northern Line Station

London’s Northern Line, which is part of the city’s huge underground network, has a stretch between East Finchley station and Wellington Sidings that is said to be haunted by the ghost of an old steam train.

The tale stretches back to the Second World War, when building work began on a Highgate High Level Station but as the war progressed, the station was abandoned and never completed. In the many years since, numerous people have claimed to hear the ghostly sounds of a spectral steam train visiting a station that was never there. Are you brave enough to take a train to London and see if you can hear it for yourself?

The Running Woman of Auchendinny

This old Scottish ghost story is based on several sightings at a disused railway tunnel at Auchendinny in the Lothians. According to eyewitnesses, the ghost of a dead woman can be seen running in the area around the tunnel and disappearing suddenly.

The phantom is said to be the ghost of a young woman who killed herself in a nearby river after breaking up with her young lover. There are lots of other ghost stories and hauntings reported in Scotland and one of the best places to discover them is in the country’s capital, book a train to Edinburgh to take a ghost tour in some of the nation’s spookiest spots.

Other Haunted Hideouts

The rails aren’t Blighty’s only haunted spots – from old churches to abandoned homes, there’s plenty more sights for your very own scare tour. To help us stay spooky, paranormal experts GHOSTnortheast shared a few of their favourite haunted locations all over the UK…

Castle Keep – Newcastle
“If you are travelling on the Newcastle to Edinburgh line, just outside of Newcastle Central Station you will see the formidable Castle Keep. The Keep was built 1172 to defend the local people and the important Tyne crossing from the marauding Scots. [Today, it’s] seen as one of the most haunted locations in The North East with reports of Monks wandering the upper floors and the sound of their chants in the lower chambers. A dark and foreboding figure has been often seen throughout the building. One of our very own investigators reports seeing the legs of a cavalier walking through The Main Hall and we have had many reports of children crying and the sounds of weeping in the condemned man’s cell.”

Chillingham Castle – North Berwick-Upon-Tweed
Often quoted as one of Britain’s Most Haunted [spots], the world famous Chillingham Castle boasts over 800 years of bloody history. [Home to] over 30 ghosts, including the more well-known Blue Boy, and the ghost of executioner of The Scots, John Sage, who was reported to torture and kill over 50 Scotsmen a week during many border raids. Activity at the castle ranges from sightings of full apparitions – the more common being of Lady Mary Berkeley believed to be still looking for her lover that never returned. Items being thrown across rooms, screams and reports of a large dark dog that walks in the Castle walls has seen Chillingham been voted as one of the scariest places in the world!

Marsden Grotto – South Shields
This working bar/restaurant was originally home to “Jack the Blaster Bates”, Who in 1782 blew a hole in the bottom of The Marsden Bay rock face to create a home for himself and his wife. Over the past 230 years, The Grotto has turned in Europe’s only cavern bar with its unique cave surroundings. With many reports of ghosts of pirates and smugglers, GHOSTnortheast has witnessed chains rattling on their own, noises of barrels being dragged around, people being pushed and intimidated to the point of needing to leave. Footsteps are often heard walking around the upstairs with loud banging and knocking coming from areas where there is nobody there.

Trains Without The Fright

There’s one fright you can spare yourself from this Halloween – the price of your train tickets. The next time you’re planning a holiday or work trip, be sure to search for cheap train tickets with the help of our excellent journey planner.

Do you know any other real life ghost train or haunted station stories? Leave us a comment and give us an extra spooky treat this Halloween…

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