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RSH Book Club: Best spooky stories for a chilling train ride

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As the nights grow longer and Halloween draws near, get into the spooky spirit by swapping your paper or iPod for a scary story book. Your train journeys are sure to fly by when you’re swept up in a tale of terror, so buy your tickets, pick your book and be ready for a chilling commute or hair-raising ride.

Don’t forget to save yourself from frightening last minute fares by checking our journey planner for cheap train tickets and finding the cheapest fares for your trip. And once that’s done, sink your teeth into our favourite spooky stories …

Scary Short Stories

  • The Signalman – Charles Dickens

There’s no better scary story to read on a train journey than Dickens’ tale of an old railway signalman and his haunting by a spectre who appears every time something terrible is about to happen. This classic offers a glimpse into a bygone age of train travel as well as a good dose of creepiness.

  • The Tell-Tale Hear – Edgar Allan Poe

The master of horror has poured some of his most effective imagery into this wonderfully tense story. It’s a brilliant mixture between a kind of traditional ghost story and gripping, psychological horror. Be prepared to feel unsettled!

  • The Mortal Immortal – Mary Shelley

The wonderfully weird mind who brought us Frankenstein was also an excellent short story writer, and this is the perfect example of a sad and sinister tale that’s sure to make the day feel a little darker.

Nerve-Scraping Novels

  • The Woman in Black – Susan Hill

This terrifying treat has been made into a film, but the novel is the perfect way to give yourself the chills on a long trip. Tragic secrets, contemporary ghosts and old curses combines for a thrilling ride into a world where you’ll be constantly on edge, you might need to hold on to your neighbour for the scariest bits.

  • Ghost Story – Peter Straub

This book delivers exactly what the title promises, a scary ghost story that proves that it’s hard to leave your past behind. Four men are haunted by their past in the terror-stricken town of Milburn, New York in this creepy page turner.

  • The Winter Ghosts, by Kate Mosse

Not only is this spooky novel wonderfully written, but it’s beautifully illustrated too. Perfect for cold nights, this compelling ghost story will take you back to the years following the Great War, when bereaved brother Freddie loses control of his car on the French Pyrenees.

Terrifying True Tales

  • Terry Deary’s Terribly True Horror Stories – Terry Deary and David Wyatt

The author of the Horrible Histories series brings you the most scary real life stories he’s managed to track down in one super-disturbing book. Focusing only on tales that have some basis in reality, this is a collection guaranteed to make you shiver.

  • Ghostly Tales and Sinister stories of Old Edinburgh, by Alan J. Wilson, Des Brogan and Frank McGrail

Be ready for a terrifying trip the next time you take a train to Edinburgh by reading a little about the gruesome history of its old town. Packed full of tales that ring with truth as well as a splash of the unlikely, this is a great way to uncover the creepiness of Scotland’s capital.

  • The Little Book of True Ghost Stories – Echo Bodine

Written by a practising psychic who’s been hunting ghosts for the last forty years, this book draws on some amazing sounding experiences to create a very creepy collection of supposedly true tales.

What’s the scariest ghost story you’ve ever read? Leave us a comment and let us know…

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