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Great Christmas Gifts for your Favourite Commuters

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When you start your Christmas shopping, spare a thought for all of your friends and loved ones who spend part of their busy day commuting. With a little bit of imagination and a carefully chosen Christmas gift, you could make sure they enjoy every journey to the fullest.

Cheap train tickets are sure to be at the top of plenty of Christmas lists and once you have those sorted with a little bit of help from, it’s time to start looking further afield From small, silly stocking fillers to brilliant gifts to place under the tree, there are tons of presents that are perfectly suited to frequent train travellers. Read on and see if you can spot the perfect gift for your favourite commuter…

1. Headphones

Undoubtedly the best way to sink in a world of your own, no matter where you are, no commuter is likely to turn their nose up at a nice pair of headphones. Earbuds are ideal for delivering the best quality of sound while minimising leakage, but if you know your commuter would prefer something a little more old school, get noise cancelling cans. These should pack a punch without irritating any seatmates and are perfect whether your recipient is planning on bopping along to their favourite pop track or settling back to listen to a selection of classic audio books.

2. eBook Reader

If you know a commuter that doesn’t have an eReader yet, you may have stumbled on the perfect Christmas present. Clocking in at anywhere from £50 to £150 for a decent device designed primarily for reading, this is the kind of present that will keep on giving and is something a busy commuter can casually keep in their pocket or shoulder bag. Do make sure the recipient of your gift has some tech knowledge though, or you may end up spending some of your free time helping them stock up on new reads.

3. iPad or tablet

Go one better than an eReader and plump for an iPad or other tablet computer. Allowing a commuter to do everything from check their emails to watch movies or play games, tablets offer endless opportunities for entertainment. Best suited for the kind of people who will remember to pack a charger and take good care of an expensive piece of kit, you might want to save a gift like this for only the most special commuters in your life. While some tablets are quite affordable, if you’re looking for a high-end model you’ll be parting with a decent whack of cash.

4. Thermos

When you’re looking for something a little more affordable, it’s time to turn you attention to the little things that can make a big difference. A thermos could be the difference between a hot coffee and a tepid cup full of disappointment, which would you rather have on your daily commute. Add a few giggles by choosing from the comedy selection at Café Press and you’ve got a secret Santa gift that’s sure to go down well.

5. Wake Me Up At… Stickers

Do you know a London commuter who finds it hard to keep their eyes open? These Wake Me Up At… stickers from the London Transport Museum are an excellent way for them to catch a few minutes of sleep on the proviso someone will give them a shoogle when they reach their stop. They will need to rely on the kindness of strangers to ensure they get to work on time, but the stickers are a great conversation starter if nothing else!

Do you know of a great gift all regular commuters will love? Have you got the perfect idea for pleasing the frequent train-traveller in your life? Leave us a comment and let us know…

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