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Tips For Travelling with Children this Christmas

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It can be hard enough to keep children sitting still at the best of times but when Christmas rolls around, the task can become far trickier. But don’t worry, if you have a long train journey ahead this festive season, this handy selection of tips and tricks could help you keep your little ones happy the whole way there.

Choose cheap train tickets before you travel to make sure you don’t eat into your Christmas budget. Get stuck into our Christmas travel trips and plan a train journey that’s fun and festive to keep your little angels happy…

1. Get some themed games on the go

When Christmas time draws near, most children suddenly develop a one-track mind. Keep the excitement at bay while also entertaining your children by taking some normal travel games and giving them a Christmas-twist. Try I-Spy but limit the choices to things that are to do with the festive season, such as ‘I spy… wrapping paper’ and so on.

Another great game to modify is I Went to the Shops. This is a simple memory game where the first player says they went to the shops and bought something beginning with A, such as an angel. The second player then says they bought an angel and something beginning with B and so on. Simply switch up the rules a little so that only Christmas-related shopping trips are allowed!

2. Letters and pictures for Santa

One of the best ways to while away the hours on long train journey with kids is to allow them the chance to get crafty. A pad of paper and packet of coloured pencils remains a favourite even with the most modern of children and when it’s getting close to Christmas, there are few better sources of inspirations than Santa.

Get your children started on a nice letter to Santa or, if they’ve already written one, why not suggest that he’d like some nice pictures to go with it? A drawing of the family or a picture of some reindeer would be just the ticket and tapping into your children’s creative side is perfect for keeping them entertained.

Do you have some great tried and tested trips for entertaining your little ones on long train journeys? Is there a wonderful Christmas travel trip you’d like to share? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear more…

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