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New Year’s Resolutions: Getting on Track

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News Year 2013
Making New Year’s resolutions is easy, sticking to them often isn’t. Start off on the right foot this year by choosing resolutions that will change your life for the better without making you feel as though you have an impossible mountain to climb.

Did you know that the tradition of making resolutions for the New Year stretches all the way back to 153 BC? That’s sure to represent a lot of broken promises over the centuries, seeing as many studies have found that up to three quarters of resolvers crumble before the year is out. Set achievable goals and get yourself on the right track this year, by reading on for our resolution tips…

How to make a resolution stick

It’s a familiar story, February dawns while people all around the country are thinking sheepishly of the resolutions they broke long ago. It doesn’t have to be that way though, there are things you can do to easily improve your chances of success – so get cracking.

Rather than fantasise about how happy and successful you will be if your resolution works, focus instead about taking small steps towards your bigger goal. Dream up little rewards to give yourself as you hit milestones along the way to keep your motivation high. It can also really help to keep a diary of your successes and letting your friends in on your goals, as they can be handy sources of support and inspiration.

Top resolutions and ways to help

More people make a resolution to take up a new habit, such as exercising or improving their work or study skills, than to give one up. However, the most typical resolutions tend to be things like giving up smoking, losing weight, saving money and reducing the amount of coffee or alcohol they drink.

For the best results, think of creative ways to help you reach your goals. Simply cutting certain foods or drinks out of your diet might work, but you’ll probably be more successful if you find something else to replace them with. Experiment with herbal teas that will help you kick a coffee habit, look for unusual ways to save money such as searching for cheap train tickets or search for dance classes that will provide you with lots of fun and laughs as well as exercise.

Be specific to improve your chances

One trap that lots of people fall into is the temptation to make their resolutions very far reaching. Saying things like ‘I just want to be healthier’ or ‘I want to look for ways to be greener’ are vague. But by making such lofty and unspecified goals they could be setting themselves up for months of misery.

It’s far better to give yourself some really concrete things to aim for. Like, ‘I’m going to go down a dress size by spring’ or ‘I’ll take out the recycling every night and leave the car at home’. That way, you’ll be able to see when you’re doing it right and keep your spirits high.

Don’t give up at the first failure

Sticking to New Year’s resolutions can be a tough business but one of the most sure fire ways to fail is to focus on any mistakes you make. If you accidentally break your resolution, don’t immediately give up on the whole thing – simply treat it as a temporary setback and keep on trucking.

Whether you’re trying to do your bit for the environment by leaving the car at home and taking the train instead or you’re working hard to avoid sweet treats at your desk, it’s ok to fail every now and then, as long as you’re determined to do better the next day.

Have you made a New Year’s resolution you’ve managed to stick to? Did you fall at the first hurdle last year? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear more…

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