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Survive the Cold Weather: Winter Travel Tips

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When the weather outside is frightful, it’s only natural to sometimes wish you could stay at home under a blanket. However, just because winter has come around it doesn’t mean life can grind to a halt, so make sure you’re able to get from A to B with minimum fuss by following some of our top winter travel tips.

From cheap train tickets to great ways to stay relaxed while you’re on the move, we’ve got some great advice to help you stay warm and full of goodwill. Read on and prepare yourself for getting where you need to be this winter…

1. Avoid icy roads where possible

Snow and ice play havoc with our roads, leading to inevitable traffic jams and back ups. If possible, book a train to cover your journey instead, and avoid huge queues on the road. This also means you’ll be able to sit back and relax during your journey, rather than having to pay extra attention to keeping your car under control in inclement conditions.

2. Stay calm when cancellations strike

If cancellations strike, stay calm. Even if you’ve bought advance train tickets online with specified seats and times, you should be accommodated on another service if your train has been cancelled due to bad weather. Always check with rail staff as soon as you can and, although it’s likely you may lose your seat reservation, you will always be found an alternative way to travel or be offered a full refund if there’s not a suitable option.

3. Pack warming snacks

When you know you’re going to be travelling for a while, make sure you can stay warm and satisfied by packing yourself some warming snacks. A thermos of coffee or hot chocolate is a perfect pick-me-up, or why don’t you have a go at making our top winter soups? If you don’t have space bring a large snack, pop a cereal bar or some chocolate in your pocket at least – your body need to burn calories to stay nice and warm during the winter.

4. Bring your own entertainment

Because winter weather is often unpredictable, it’s a wise plan to always bring some form of entertainment with you when you leave the house. Smartphones are brilliant for offering you easy access to social sites, TV or music, but don’t forget that on really bad days you may lose your connection. Be sure to pack a non-internet based back up, such as a book or portable DVD player to ensure you’ll be fine even if you get stuck in the back of beyond on your trip.

5. Dress for the weather!

A really crucial way to ensure your winter travel isn’t a drag is to make sure you dress appropriately. If you’re hopping on and off trains or buses, you really want to make sure you wear plenty of layers that can easily be removed and added as you swap from the cold to the warmth. Hats, scarves and gloves are all winter essentials and consider wearing a cardigan or two under your coat for supreme warmth when it’s needed.

How do you make sure your winter travel plans run smoothly? Do you have a great top tip for keeping a smile on your face during a long, chilly commute? Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear more…

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