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Terrific Tickets: Great Last Minute Gift Ideas

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The pressure is on to find the perfect gift for your best friends, special loved ones and family members but it isn’t always easy to come up with thoughtful gifts year after year. Often, the longer you’ve known someone, the harder it gets to find a present you haven’t given them already – but have you ever considered the wonderful possibilities opened up by choosing train tickets as a gift?

Offering you the chance to completely personalise your choice, plan a holiday with a loved one or simply make sure they get to visit somewhere you know they’ve always wanted to, there are many excellent options. Search for cheap train tickets to make your gift go even further and look forward to giving a practical yet very thoughtful present. Read on for some ticket-related Christmas inspiration…

Gifts for far away friends

Do you have a close friend you haven’t seen for a while? One who lives in a different city and who you keep meaning to catch up with? It can be hard to remember to put aside the time to see your friends, especially when they live out of town. This year, give your friend a train ticket to come for a visit and make sure you have some special time together booked.

There’s also the option of choosing to meet somewhere between your homes for a holiday weekend, and in that case you can treat yourself to some train tickets too.

Presents for UK explorers

Train tickets are also an excellent present for friends and family who have itchy feet. There are so many great places to explore within the UK that you’ll never run out of brilliant weekend break options. Send your loved ones on a surprise holiday to somewhere you’ve always thought they might enjoy.

Choose or trains to Glasgow for people who love a love a night out in top clubs or pick tickets to the highlands of Scotland for those who prefer beautiful views and solitude.

If you’ve heard your loved one talk about somewhere they’d like to visit before, you’ll have an easy choice, but sometimes it’s nice to pick somewhere they wouldn’t have though of themselves, so they can embark on a real adventure.

Extras for gig lovers

Train tickets can also be a great complementary present if you’ve thought about buying your friends or family a fun experience such as a gig or theatre ticket. It’s especially good when you add transport options onto your gift, because you know you’ll be taking the effort of getting to the venue away. Meaning that when they open their present, they’ll be able to concentrate on how much they’ll enjoy the event rather than having to think about practical concerns. And if you’re planning an extra special gift, you could even book a hotel too.

This can be a fab option even if you know someone has bought tickets for a gig already. Simply subtlety check whether they’ve made plans for their transport and accommodation and if they haven’t, swoop in and sort it all out for them. For example, if you know they’re going to Leeds music festival, you could sort out their trains to Leeds and let them concentrate on the fun part.

Personalising your presents

Not only are train tickets perfect for showing how much you care, but they are a gift that’s really easy to personalise. Slip them into a card and write a lovely message about everything you hope they’ll be able to enjoy with their gift.

For holidays with friends or when you’re buying tickets for them to pay you a visit, you could include a short itinerary of all the things you’d like to do together during the trip. If you’re buying tickets for a gig, why not put them inside a CD case or wrap them with a piece of band memorabilia? And if you’ve bought tickets allowing a loved one to take an adventure break on their own, you could print out some of the top attractions at their destination, so they know how carefully you’ve considered your choice.

Have you ever bought train tickets as a gift before? If you could send your loved ones anywhere, where would it be? Leave us a comment and let us know…

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