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5 Hot Spots for your Valentine’s Break

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Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to plan the perfect romantic experience. If the standard dinner and movie combo is getting a little stale, a weekend away could be the answer. But let’s get real here, every relationship is different and what’s right for one couple may be a little too much for another.

To help you out in your planning we’ve found five destinations to fit your needs, whatever they may be. From a bit of fun to taking the plunge, there’s something for everyone. So check out our pick of the UK’s Valentine’s Day locations and book some cheap train tickets to your destination of choice…

1. A weekend of Blackpool fun

Romance rating: Cool and collected

If candlelight makes you squint and solemn romantic gestures make you feel a little queasy then you and your partner might prefer cutting loose and having a laugh over the Valentine’s weekend. There’s nowhere in the UK like Blackpool for a bit of fun so check out the great rail deals available on trains to Blackpool and book yourself in for a good time.

There are loads of great activities on over this year’s Valentine’s Weekend. Here are a few of the best:

• The Showzam! Festival takes place from 15 to 24 February and has loads of events on over the Valentine’s weekend, bringing a host of magic, circus and variety acts to Blackpool.

• A Valentine’s Ball is being staged on Saturday night at The Philharmonic. With a top UK Elvis tribute topping a bill full of local artists, the Valentine’s Ball may well prove to be an unforgettable night.

• A relaxing tour of the Winter Gardens is a great way for a couple to spend an afternoon. Wander through some of the incredible auditoriums within this unique Grade II listed building and see all the great backstage sights.

2. Relaxation at a spa in Bath

Romance rating: Warming up nicely

There is nothing more romantic than a Blackpool trip but you still want to have a stress-free Valentine’s weekend break with plenty of distractions and relaxation, hopping on a train to Bath for the weekend is the answer to all your prayers.

Bath covers all the Valentine’s Day essentials. With stunning scenery and architecture, great gastro pubs and restaurants and top class entertainment spots, the city is well geared towards romantic breaks. And for that little extra, Bath has got you covered.

Since the Romans set up camp here thousands of years ago, people have been coming to Bath to relax and be pampered. For a superior Valentine’s weekend, why not indulge in a couple’s spa day and see why this place has been so popular for so long? A day relaxing with a loved one is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

3. Capital R romance in The Lake District

Romance rating: Hot under the collar

The outstanding beauty of the Lake District has been celebrated for hundreds of years – it was enough to inspire the romantic poet William Wordsworth to write some of his most stirring poetry. If things are getting serious and you’re looking to spend some quality time enjoying your partner’s company then the grandeur of this magnificent area is perfect.

Rail travel to the Lake District is plentiful, putting classic spots like Windermere, Kendal and Oxenholme within easy reach. There are loads of hotels available for couples in search of a little romance,but for a more intense experience get a private cottage, some candles and a bottle or two of champagne.

Things could get serious pretty quickly on your romantic trip to the Lake District, and if you feel like you want to turn this Valentine’s weekend into a real life-changer then this is the perfect place to get down on one knee. You might even choose to use a few lines borrowed from John Keats, a contemporary of Wordsworth: “I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days – three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain.”

If that doesn’t get you a ‘yes’, nothing will!

4. Gretna Green for the big one

Romance rating: Ring of fire

OK so here comes the option for the most serious of Valentine’s breaks. Your relationship is rock solid and you want to celebrate Valentine’s Day by taking the biggest step you can as a couple. Gretna Green, famous for its association with weddings, has extended the Valentine’s Day celebration to a whole week to accommodate couples looking to tie the knot at this special time.

With a range of ready-made packages available, from intimate low-key ceremonies to lavish affairs, there are wedding options for every taste and budget. Getting married on one of the most romantic days of the year makes a lot of sense and let’s admit it – tying the knot on Valentine’s Day makes remembering wedding anniversaries a hell of a lot easier.

But although Gretna Green is famous for elopements, bear in mind that this is an enormously popular time for weddings. Before you hop on a train to Gretna Green, check the availability of venues in the town.

5. Valentine’s Day? Pah, I’m off to London

Romance rating: Ice bath

We’ve talked a lot about couples, but there is another group to bear in mind this Valentine’s Day.
Think of all the (perfectly happy) singletons in the UK who get seriously sick of hearing about Valentine’s Day.

If you’re in this boat why not hook up with some mates and pick up some cheap train tickets to London for an anti-Valentine’s Day escape? And when you get here, why not try one of these activities:

Visit an anti-Valentine’s event: In recent years the anti-Valentine’s event movement has become increasingly popular. From singles nights to vampire themed horror experiences, being loved-up is no longer a prerequisite for enjoying Valentine’s Day.

Take in a gruesome operation: If you want to have your mind taken off the whole Valentine’s Day celebration then head to the Old Operating Theatre Museum in Southwark. They put on surgical demonstrations every Saturday at this macabre little museum, showing what going under the knife would be like in the pre-anaesthesia days. And they say love hurts? Yeah, right.

Go and see Romeo and Juliet: Shakespeare’s most famous play is gracing the stages of the Gatehouse Theatre over this Valentine’s Day weekend But hold on — I know what you’re thinking. Why would you go and see one of history’s most famous plays about love when you’re trying to escape the romance of Valentine’s Day? To that we’ve got to say – don’t you remember how the play ends? Take that romance!

How are you going to make this Valentine’s Day special? Where would you go?

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