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Fashion Funnies: the answers

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London Fashion Week is over, and we have our 10 winners to crown for our Fashion Funnies competition. Read on to find out which answers were made up, and which are actually true….

Did you manage to spot the false answers in our Fashion Funnies infographic?

The false answers…

2: We wish it were true, but Mary Berry is sticking to what she knows best (baking) and has no plans of yet to start a fashion line. Sigh.

5: Horse eyelashes are thankfully not in lipsticks as far as we know, but shimmery lipsticks may contain fish scales.

6: She may have worn some outlandish dresses (that meat dress for one), but Lady Gaga is not planning on wearing actual fish scales. Yet.

8: Japanese women aren’t wacky enough to bathe in dog urine, but they have been known to have bird poop facials. A nightingale bird’s droppings is thought to contain enzymes which are great for exfoliating the skin, and Victoria Beckham is said to be a fan.

The winners

Well done to everyone who got them right, we’ll be selecting 10 of you at random and emailing you today to let you know that you’ve won our rail vouchers.

And for everyone else, thanks for taking part. It wasn’t easy — the true answers (bagel head injections?!) were no less bonkers than the false ones.

Which ones did you get right and which ones caught you out?

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