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InterRail Guide: Part Three – Roma to Praha

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As a Rail Europe affiliate, has come up with recommendations for the best destinations to visit on a 22 day InterRail Global Pass. Start off week two of your trip with a journey from Milano Centrale down to Roma Tiburtina – a great direct train ride through the middle of Italy. You’ll pass Florence and Siena (a UNESCO World Heritage city, and capital of Tuscany) on the way.


Cities don’t come more historic than Roma. Spend a day with your jaw on the floor in the ancient part of the city, another UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to the legendary Colosseum. When you’ve finished playing Maximus Decimus Meridius, hit the Pantheon for the eye-opening oculus – a bit of ancient Roman trick architecture that creates a shaft of golden sunlight inside the temple. Then it’s Vespas ahoy for a whirlwind shopping trip, or a short walk to the extraordinary St Peter’s Basilica.

Connections: Roma-Zagreb

Your InterRail Global Pass will get you from Roma Tiburtina to Zagreb Glavni Kolod with a single change, at Villach Hauptbahnhof (Austria). Expect mountains, forests and plenty more snap-happy vistas on the way…



Zagreb presents the interrailer with a serious problem: how do you fit it all in? There’s more shopping, drinking and open air action seething beneath the surface of the old world architecture than you could shake three sticks at in a month of Sundays. In fine weather – check out the open air dance parties at Jarun Lake, to slake a serious thirst – mount a monumental pub crawl through the city’s epically boisterous taverns. Cutting edge local art crams a profusion of galleries, and then there’s the shopping. If you didn’t already break the bank in Milano, you’ll finish the job here.

Connections: Zagreb-Budapest

Take the train from Zagreb Glavni Kolod to Budapest-Kelenfold, with a change at Gyekenyes (Hungary, next to the Croatian border). It’s another camera-friendly route, full of rivers, forests and iconic white churches.



An architect’s dream and a pleasure-seeker’s paradise, Budapest is more than the sum of its parts. Daytime delights include cruising the beautiful Danube, marvelling at the mix of Gothic, Baroque, Neoclassical and Art Nouveau buildings, and unwinding Sultan style in historic Turkish baths. Bridge the gap with great food and cheap drinks, then it’s on to the nightlife. “Hard rocking” doesn’t even begin to do it justice. There’s a reason why the Hungarian capital is seen as the place to be by Europe’s most discerning clubbers…

Connections: Budapest-Praha

Your InterRail pass will take you straight from Budapest-Kelenfold to Praha hlavni nadrazi – a stunning Art Nouveau building and a great place to start your tour. Take time to chill in the park right outside.


What’s not to like? Great people, a laid back atmosphere and the best beer in the world. The ultimate destination for the urban wanderer, Praha’s cobbled streets can lead you just about anywhere – and when you get there you’ll always be glad you came. Find a new favourite café in an ancient backstreet, get romantic in an Old Town garden, and drink up the atmosphere in an old timer’s bar.


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