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The Travel Guru UK Challenge – who’s your favourite?

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Videos: created.  Travel blogs: written.  Votes: cast.  Judging: delivered.

Now? Now we have our final four pairs for the Travel Guru UK Challenge!

Amazing videos and blogs made by Seppy and Errol, Team Giggity, The Explorers, and Anne-Marie and Rajul earned them the right to fight for a role as’s European travel correspondents.  In order to triumph, and win a month’s European train travel thanks to Rail Europe, the teams have been sent across the UK to complete a string of unusual assignments.

Stand-up comedy routines; arty photos of cultural landmarks; 60-second heptathlons: these are just some of the japes the four teams will be completing to give them a shot at the big prize.

However, they need to do more than simply complete the tasks: they need your votes as well.  That’s why we’ve already seen some brilliant videos and pics uploaded by the teams – they know the funnier the uploads, the more deserving they are of your votes.

So, to see our teams’ poetic tribute to Delia Smith outside her Norwich restaurant, or their attempt to walk an inanimate statue in Edinburgh, or all sorts of other shenanigans, go to the Travel Guru blog page. Choose your favourite team. Vote for your favourite tasks. Decide who should be your Travel Gurus.


The teams!

Team Giggity

This isn’t the first time Chris and Mark have taken on a crazy travel challenge. The Norwich pair will use their experience and ability to blag to get through the tasks as quickly as possible.  They’re organised…and they’re playing to win.


Anne-Marie and Rajul

You can see from their Travel Guru entry that Anne-Marie and Rajul know how to put together great-looking videos.  Creativity will be the key if this London pairing are to be crowned champions.


Seppy and Errol

When you’ve seen two people step inside a suitcase to prove their love of travel, you know they’ll take an offbeat approach to any task they’re given.  It was the luggage trick that won Sophie and Emma their place in the final four – expect them to take you on a quirky journey around the UK.


The Explorers

Danielle and Guiselle, hailing from Dartford and London, are hoping to win votes by making you smile. They’re fun and we’re sure their resourceful ways will bring their tasks to life, and get voters on their side.

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