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Cool Ways To Travel Around The UK

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From tandems to steamships, there are some pretty cool alternatives out there for the adventurous UK traveller. We’ve brought together some of the best the UK has to offer.

Tandem Bikes

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do… There are countless cycle routes around the UK, many of them on canal paths or the routes of old railway lines – and they’re all suitable for a tandem trip, one of the funkiest ways to get from town to country. With twice the pedal power you can get where you’re going twice as fast , and if one gets tired the other takes the strain. Just be aware that turning a tandem takes a bit of getting used to! Pack your possessions in your panniers and make a week of it, stopping off in hotels and campsites along the way.


There’s nothing like a good stroll – especially when you do it somewhere crazy. Try the Tarka Trail in North Devon to get you started. It’s a figure of eight walking route covering the 180 miles travelled by Tarka the Otter in Henry Williamson’s book, and it’ll bring you through former railway lines, into woodland valleys, over moors and out to Devon’s sensational coastline. Expect cider, surfers and friendly locals.

Trike Tours

No, we’re not talking about the little plastic things you learnt to ride on! This is the real deal, a motor-trike touring company offering hog-tastic trips from Edinburgh all the way up to the Highlands. The trikes are chauffeur driven, which is just as well when you get into whisky country, and with a 1600cc growler powering each one, you’ll be heard long before you’re seen. ThinkSons of Anarchy with some good Highland hospitality thrown in and you’re there. Oh, and you get free booze, too.

The Waverley Steamship

The last ocean-going paddle steamer on the planet, the Waverley will take you back in time as well as round the British Isles. You can catch her from Bristol, Clyde or London depending on the time of year. Summertime is spent surrounded by Scottish mountains, as she plies her trade in the lochs and glens. As autumn approaches, the Waverley moves down south to enjoy the last rays of the sun: with trips up the Thames to London finishing her itinerary for the year. Ahoy there captain!

Classic Vehicles

From camper van to Routemaster bus, there’s something about classic British vehicles that gets the travel juices flowing. You can hire restored 60s and 70s campers from a number of locations in the UK, including Wicked Campers (they have hire sites in Edinburgh and London), the company that originally started the campervan craze among gap year travellers Down Under. Or how about a full sized bus? Midland Red Coaches operates a museum-funded coach hire arm, which rents out genuine antique and classic buses for special occasions. Book a hotel with for the end of your special day and you’ll get loyalty points back for next time you travel.

However you choose to go, the UK’s full of classic trips and crazy travelling options. Get adventurous, get out there, and enjoy the greatest British characteristic of them all: eccentricity.

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