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The Spookiest Places to Visit in the UK

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Forget Transylvania – if it’s spooky goings-on you’re after this Halloween, look no further than the country houses and ancient inns of Britain. We’ve even got an entire haunted village. Book advance trains from and you’ll get some bloodcurdlingly good discounts too…

Chambercombe Manor, Ilfracombe

The newly-resurgent seaside town of Ilfracombe is home to trendy London second homers, fishermen, Damien Hirst – and one of the most haunted houses in the UK. The Manor was featured on Living TV’s Most Haunted, and runs regular paranormal experience trips, including night visits. Multiple visitors have reported a variety of haunting sensations, including clammy hands round the neck or unexplained people turning up in videos and photos. Eek!

Pluckley Village, Kent

If the award for the most spooky places in UK counties was given on the basis of official paranormal investigations, Pluckley Village would win hands down. It’s had no less than 10 teams of ghost busters visit during the years, investigating ectoplasmic monks; screaming ghosts; and burning greengrocers. It’s even got an impaled highwayman, at the aptly named Fright Corner. Guaranteed scares on every street.

Highgate Cemetery, North London

Halloween wouldn’t be Halloween without the chance to scare yourself silly in a graveyard. Book an early train to London and hightail it over to Highgate Cemetery for some Gothic awesomeness. Filled with terrifying stone angels and massive mausoleums, this is the closest thing the UK gets to a genuine city of the dead. Watch out for the ghost of Karl Marx, who’s buried there.

The Jamaica Inn, Cornwall

After all this frightfulness, you deserve a good stiff drink. Try the Jamaica Inn, sequestered in the wilds of Bodmin Moor. Originally a hangout for Cornish smugglers, the inn now harbours a diverse range of spirits: and we’re not talking about the ones behind the bar. Stay the night – if you dare – to hear the disembodied footsteps of mad old Cornish pirates and the moans of murdered men. Two of the rooms have their own resident ghosts, and there’s also a fellow in a green jacket who wanders through walls at will. Better have that brandy after all…

Ettington Park Hotel, Stratford-upon-Avon

For an altogether less blood-curdling variety of ghost, head to the Ettington Park Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon. While away the midnight hours watching an ephemeral old man lead his favourite dog into the library, follow the legendary woman in white as she floats down the darkened corridors, and see if you can surprise the resident ghostly army officer as he goes about his spooky duties. And all from the luxuriously appointed rooms of one of the most impressive 17th century buildings in the country. Divinely fearsome.

The Bishop’s Room, Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire

Fancy yourself a man or woman of steel? Spend the night in the Bishop’s Room at Wotton-under-Edge’s Ancient Ram Inn and see how many non-white hairs you’ve got left in the morning. Other rooms in the Ram have their share of terrors, but none compare to the former resting pace of the eponymous clergyman. Hapless (and sleepless) travellers fight for space with a legion of spooks, spectres and an actual demon. If the women hanging from the ceiling don’t have you yelling for the porter, the unidentified noises and sudden temperature drops will!

So there you have it: from London to Land’s End, there are more terrifying things to be seen in UK hotels than most of the rest of Europe! offers cheap tickets for trains when booked in advance: so get your Halloween holidays sorted for the spookiest deals of all…

We’re also giving away a gaggle of £25 e-vouchers to the intrepid travellers who send us the best stories of their terrifying travels! Visit our facebook or twitter pages to have a go at describing the spookiest places in Europe – if you dare…

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