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Tips and Tricks for Travelling in a Group

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Travelling in groups can get tricky quickly. From besties who commit early and pull out late to last-minute passport panic, the more travellers you have in the same group the easier it is for everything to go wrong. Make it all a bit easier by following our advice of tips and tricks for when you are travelling in a large group.

Nominate a group leader

Group travel means group consultation: but without a leader at the head of the table, even the easiest holiday can turn into a headache. The group leader can be chosen any way you see fit from flipping a coin to picking it out of a hat – and should be responsible for keeping everyone informed and making sure you’re all as happy as possible. The group leader is the one who makes the bookings, collects the money and becomes the voice of reason when the inevitable arguments go down, so it needs to be someone calm and organised.

Confirm early

Early confirmations are great for groups: everyone gets plenty of time to sort themselves out, and you can deal with all the money stuff while everyone’s got it handy. Make your booking in good time and let all your mates know what they owe as soon as you’re done. You can use to book cheap train tickets, hotels and flights – and the earlier you book, the less you pay.

Make a plan

It might sound boring, but a simple plan can equate to a lot of fun. Write out a schedule. Check whether there are group members with specific needs, or must-see desires. Factor in some unscheduled time so people can break off and do their own thing. A little planning now means you all know what you’re doing later, and that stops the number one fun-killer on any group trip: indecision.

Eat for the lowest budget

There’s usually a spectrum of earning capacity in any group. In other words: some people on the trip will be able to afford more expensive meals than others. To avoid tension, aim to eat for the lower end of the budget scale. That way no-one feels left out. It’s also a good idea to book your evening meals well in advance. Turning up on the night and expecting a busy restaurant to seat 30 of you is never a good idea! Research restaurants in the right price range, which cater to the food requirements (vegetarian? Wheat free?) of your group.

Put your trip online

Pop a plan for your trip on the web and everyone can stay connected – even while you’re actually travelling. You can create a simple blog or Facebook page and use it to post updates, itineraries, booking numbers, and group suggestions for things to do. And while you’re on holiday, everyone knows where to put up messages if they get lost, or change plans.

Don’t do it all yourself

Keep everyone else enthused: get them involved in completing important tasks before you head off. From checking everyone has a valid passport to making sure you’ve got enough munchies for the journey, the more roles you can hand off the more fun everyone has in the run-up to the big adventure.

Travelling in groups doesn’t have to be a nightmare – all it takes is a bit of advance planning and a lot of patience! Let help right from the start, with cheap train tickets (when you book in advance), hotels and flights.

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