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Top Tips for Saving Money When Travelling

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Travelling on a shoestring doesn’t have to be about swapping sweet hotels for out-of-town fleapits. Follow our top tips for making your travel money go further, and you’ll get the best of Europe without coming home broke. Start with super cheap deals on European rail tickets, flights and hotel rooms: book early with!

Get cultural discounts with value passes

Plenty of European cities (including London) offer bulk-buy culture passes, which give you entry to multiple attractions with a single ticket. Check out the Museum Pass in Paris, the Berlin Pass in Berlin and the London Pass in London. They won’t win prizes for catchy names, but they do what they say on the tin.

Eat like a local

Restaurants that offer multilingual menus are often tourist traps: and that means paying extra for your eats. If you want to munch quality food for less, try street vendors or places filled with residents. Not understanding the menu is all part of the fun. If you have special dietary requirements, learn to explain them in the local lingo (note to vegetarians: expect blank looks in Bavaria!). Eating with the masses guarantees better food, better prices and a better atmosphere.

Ditch the plastic

Credit cards aren’t cool when you’re travelling. You get charged through the nose for every transaction; they’re easy to rip off if you’re an unscrupulous waiter; and if you lose one your trip is ruined. By all means keep an emergency card in a safe place (the lining of your suitcase is good) – but for daily expenses the old ways are the best. Splash the cash in sensible chunks and keep the rest in traveller’s cheques.

Hit the streets

Most European cities are pedestrian friendly. Why cram yourself into a stuffy Metro train, or hide behind the windows of a bus, when you could be soaking up the sights without paying a penny? Walking is the number one way to discover stuff you won’t find in the guidebooks, too. And it keeps you fit. Get your camera out and hit the pavement.

Get a rail pass

If your age makes you eligible for a discount rail pass, get involved. can get you cheap trains when you book in advance: and if you’ve got a rail pass they’re even cheaper.

Get the local paper

If you can read the language, you’ll find heaps of half price deals and special offers in local papers. You’ll also get the latest news on everything that’s hot in the surrounding area. Look for surprise gigs, local festivals and art exhibitions in the culture and entertainment sections. Knowing where to go means no expensive surprises and a better night out.

Be the early bird

Leaving it til the last minute is so 2005. For cheap deals you can rely on, get your planning head on early. You can save money on trains and flights by making early bird bookings through also reserves cheap hotels for early bookers, so you can set up your whole trip from a single website.

With a little local knowledge, you can save tons of cash on your European trip. You’ll get a better feel for the character of the places you visit, too. Save money on flights by booking early with, save money on hotels by taking advantage of our advance reservation deals – and follow our top tips for a better way to explore the continent.

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