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Top Travel Gadgets When Travelling By Car

Posted on isn’t just about train tickets. Get your kicks on the A6 with our indispensable guide to the gadgets you can’t be without in your car. And don’t forget that when you download the app, you can keep tabs on all your journey plans on the move: just make sure you’re in a safe place (i.e. a service station) before you fire up the Batphone.

Stay on track with a satnav

We all used to drive around the UK (and Europe, for that matter) without so much as a mobile phone, now no-one leaves home without a satnav or at least a smartphone. Quite right too. Who wants to spend hours driving round the outskirts of Derby trying to work out how to get off the one way system? For quality and value try a basic Garmin or a TomTom. Both will give you the information you need, in a selection of voices and screen styles: location, route, time to destination and current speed. Be aware that you need to stay on top of map updates to keep your satnav sane.

Talk the talk with a hands-free Bluetooth

Got to take that call now? Do it safely and legally with a decent Bluetooth speaker for your phone. Some models allow you to plug the phone into the car stereo, so you can hear the voice at the other end in perfect quadraphonic sound. Most need to be installed by a professional, but if you go for a Supertooth Crystal you’ll get an easy option. Just hang it from your windscreen visor and turn it on.

Reclaim your load space with a roof box

A roof box can double or even triple the amount of stuff you can take on a road trip – perfect when your car is already full of family members and entertainment gadgets (see below). Budget boxes will expand your car’s storage capacity for less than £100. Super-swanky aerodynamic models with hefty anchors and massive inner dimensions can blow a £1k sized hole in your bank account. The better the box, the safer your stuff. Remember to check that the box you buy is compatible with the make and model of your vehicle.

Keep the peace with an in car movie theatre

Question: how does an in car movie theatre benefit someone who isn’t allowed to watch it? Answer – by turning your own mobile battle zone into a beautiful bubble of sweetness and light. Swap long-journey hissy fits for enthralled silence at the touch of a button with a DVD and screen system. The screens fit on the backs of your headrests, or can be installed so they come down from the ceiling. Don’t fancy hearing the soundtrack to Finding Nemo II on repeat play all the way to Scotland? Compare that with the sounds of fighting toddlers. Nemo wins!

Enjoy the sounds of silence with a headphone splitter

Beat Nemo as well as travel tantrums with a headphone splitter – one jack, two outputs. That means you can pop two of your little beauties off in a colourful world of their own, while you relax and drive to the soothing sounds of The Best Driving Album in the World Ever, vol 3,000. Or whatever gets your rocks off, of course. Born to be wild, still good at keeping the kids under control. And that’s how to have a peaceful road trip…!

There’s nothing like a gadget to make your road trip better. Remember that offers car hire discounts as well as cheap train tickets. Book in advance for the cheapest deals, and download the app to manage your bookings from the road.

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