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Top Travel Gadgets When Travelling By Plane

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You’ve crossed booking your train tickets to the airport off your list, you’ve got the best discount by buying well in advance – and you’ve downloaded the app to keep up to date with your travel plans on the go. All you need now is a little help with the flight itself! Whether you’re a seasoned flier or a first-time long-hauler, there’s no plane trip on earth that can’t be made better by a spot of well-timed gadgetry…

Lean on the Walkin’ Bag

It’s smart. It’s designed with a ton of practical pouches so you can keep your bits separated sensibly for quick cabin access. It’s also got a specially-designed curving handle and a load bearing frame that can support the weight of a 300 pound person without complaint! The Walkin’ Bag makes short work of check in queues and flight delays. Lean on it, fold it out into a seat (there’s one built into the frame!) or use it as a desk. It’s like having a whole office hidden in your bag. Amazing.

Rack up high scores at 30,000 feet

Games consoles keep the kids happy on long-haul flights – and they’re pretty handy for adults too! If your inner geek is a secret fan of the wacky world of Mario, then the Nintendo 3DS is the perfect partner for those boring in-flight hours. Officially, you’re not supposed to play for more than 40 minutes to stop your eyes from going weird (thanks to the 3D, which is awesome). Unofficially, the battery lasts around three hours from a full charge. If you prefer realistic, smooth-as-silk animation and unlimited battle worlds, try a PS3 Vita. Pack headphones either way: no-one else wants to hear you die for the 19th time in a row…

Reclaim your sleep with the J-Pillow

Seriously: the most important bit of kit you’ll use on any flight requires no batteries, uses no juice and doesn’t have a screen, GUI or speaker. If you want any hope of resetting the ol’ body clock in time for your arrival in a new time zone, or you just wish you could while away those pressurised hours dreaming of doing something fun: get a J-Pillow. It won the British Invention of the Year award, it helps you sleep sitting up by taking all the strain off your neck, and you can get kids’ ones as well. For a snooze-tastic way to banish stiff necks and grumpy heads, it can’t be beaten.

Weigh up your options with a luggage scale

It looks like a handle, it feels like a handle – but wait, it’s got an LCD readout and it could save you a ton of cash. It’s a portable luggage scale. For the price of a round of drinks, you can avoid excess baggage charges for the rest of your travelling life. Use it to keep an eye on how much you pack for the trip out, or prove your point in arguments about how many souvenirs you can afford to bring back! Most versions (we tried the Duronic LS1008) read weight in both lb and kg.

We’d love to know what gadgets you find most helpful when you’re flying. Drop us a line with your favourite time and stress saving devices! Oh, and don’t forget: when you’re planning your next adventure, book those train tickets early. The sooner you book, the more money we can save you! Download our app to keep tabs on all your journeys, wherever you are.

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