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Top Travel Gadgets When Travelling By Train

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Fed up of noisy carriages? Don’t like using your smartphone in case it runs out of juice? Check out the guide to the best train travel gadgets in the business.

Look on the bright side with a solar window USB charger

The eco friendly answer to the perennial traveller’s question: if I use my laptop to charge my smartphone, what happens when I want to use my laptop? Imagine a pocket solar panel in a nifty case, which sticks effortlessly to the train window and powers up your phone (or any other connectable device) via an included USB cable. Looks great, works great (when it’s sunny), and just about fits in your jacket pocket. Don’t leave home without it.

Pack a library in your pocket with an eReader

Anyone who does the daily commute, or goes on long train journeys, knows the value of a good book. And anyone who knows how much space you get in the average suit pocket/coat/briefcase/handbag knows you’re even better off with an eReader. Download the app for the smartphone of your choice or get the real deal for page-sized screens and fancy paper-quality backlighting: either way, you’re putting a world of words at your fingertips. What’s not to like? Learn a language, brush up on your history or get 50 shades of imagination away from a crowded carriage.

Drown in sound with some proper headphones

Here’s the thing: trains are difficult places to enjoy music. First, they’re noisy – and second, they’re full of other people trying to listen to stuff at the same time. If you want to score points with your fellow commuters, you need a pair of headphones that are silent on the outside and pumping on the inside. Buds are discreet, and deliver more sound for less volume: cans give you a bit of street cred and let you hear what’s going on around you, which can be helpful on an unfamiliar route. Note that open ear headphones will bleed music out into the carriage: closed ones won’t. Sennheiser offer the best combination of quality and value: though if you want to go for the ultimate listening experience you can transport your ears with the Bowers and Wilkins P7.

Stay connected with a reliable laptop

If you’re travelling, your laptop quickly becomes your life. It’s where you store your photos, upload your blogs and get in touch with your nearest and dearest. You’re looking for a strong body, a quiet keyboard and a long battery life. That’d be a MacBook then. Or a MacBook Air for the light packer. Just don’t leave it unattended if you don’t want it to go walkies: that logo has a high desirability factor no matter where you are.

Immortalise the moments with a good quality memory card

You’ve finished your eBook, you’ve charged your phone and responded to your emails. Time to organise your latest pictures and movie clips. One high quality memory card can mean the difference between a trip full of memories and a fatal case of digital amnesia: invest in a reliable brand name (SanDisk and Kingston are both good) and remember that size and speed aren’t the same thing. If you want to shoot fast from the hip, you need a high MB/s value: if you want to store loads of movies, you need a high total memory.

Train travel need never be difficult again. Let us know what your favourite travel gadgets are – and remember you can keep up to date with all your journey plans using the app. Download today to get cheaper train tickets on the fly, or book in advance for extra discounts.

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