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Where is the Sun Still Shining?

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October is the month to catch a last minute break before you batten down the hatches and get cosy for your favourite winter celebrations. So put Halloween on hold for the time being, give Guy Fawkes a miss and pack your favourite flip flops for one last hurrah in the sun! We reckon these are some of the best European destinations for some late sunshine fun.

Viva Espana

Spain is cultured, classy and full of good times. It’s also one of the most historic and beautiful countries in Europe, whose varied countryside is dotted with medieval walled towns, tiny agricultural villages and fiercely independent mini states. Head to Barcelona or Madrid for art, nightlife and ultramodern eats – or saddle up the hire car and get lost in the countryside. Wherever you go, there’ll be plenty of what the Spanish do best: eating, drinking, and soaking up the rays. Muy bien!

Athenian Adventure

Athens is two things in October: still warm, and relatively empty. Since Athenians banned cars from entering the historic part of the city, the Acropolis (the complex of temples and ancient buildings that overlooks the modern city) has reverted to its original beauty. A single promenade leads the history-hungry visitor from site to site in a walk that takes you back thousands of years, to the life and times of the world’s first civilisation. One for the culture vulture: but don’t expect to be in bed by 10. Athens is also an up-and-coming party town with a serious appetite for fun.

French Fancy

France is more than just Paris – though the City of Light is a great place to start. can get you the best deals on Parisian hotelsEuropean Rail tickets to and out of the city or flights to Charles de Gaulle airport, too, so you can start your vacances in style. When you’ve had enough of the Champs Elysees, the Louvre and the Metro, head out to the Massif Central for spectacular views, hearty peasant food and some of the best vineyards in the world.

Belgian Beauty

People who say Belgium is boring have obviously never been to Bruges. Stunningly beautiful, morbidly medieval and more popular than ever thanks to In Bruges, the most beautiful town in Belgium harbours a special secret: no-one goes there after the summer season. That means you get the beautiful canals, the extraordinary churches and the wonderful public squares all to yourself. Be sure to stay out late so you can catch the city at its best, when the floodlights bring an eerie beauty to the medieval streets and Gothic spires.

Luck of the Irish

Spectacular literature, warm hospitality and pubs that haven’t changed in centuries: Ireland’s stock in trade is beauty on a grand scale. Even the political murals in Belfast, terrifying reminders of a very recent turbulent past, are breathtaking. From the green hills of Connemara to the heaving saloons of old Dublin, Ireland pulls off the unmissable trick of combining a Wild West attitude to rules and regulations with a hunger for artistic glory. It wins on both counts, too. Slainte!

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