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How to Survive Holiday Travel

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Travelling home for Christmas? Follow the guide to festive trip survival for maximum enjoyment and minimum stress! Train tickets for the Christmas period are now available through, and you can also book flights, European rail and hotels.

Book your train tickets/flights/hotels early

Trains, flights and hotels all fill up early during the holiday season. Book your train tickets and other travel arrangements early to get the best deals and avoid disappointment. There’ll always be room at the inn if you make your hotel booking as soon as you can.

If you’re driving, be sure to leave plenty of time for daylight travel. If you don’t want to get stuck in endless festive traffic jams, take the train. can get you to popular destinations in and out of the UK for less.


Make it fun for the kids

Travelling with children is difficult at the best of times. Travelling for Christmas, when the kids are already overexcited and every other family in the UK seems to have picked the same route, can be impossible. Avoid the nightmare before Christmas by planning your travel entertainment in advance. Smartphones are a great source of easy fun: kid-friendly apps like Angry Birds and The Simpsons are ideal for passing the time on flights or long train journeys. Or you could go old school and play card games and guessing games. It is Christmas, after all.


GPS is best

Road travel during the festive period, particularly in the week running up to Christmas, is notoriously difficult. Your GPS can help you get around the problems if the main roads are too jammed up. Keep an ear on the traffic reports, and be ready to have your co-driver hit the “find alternative route” button. Don’t forget the charger, and beware of small country roads!


Stay safe

Remember the rules: don’t drive tired, don’t leave your baggage unattended at airports or on busy trains, and don’t trust traffic to get you anywhere on time. Make a plan well in advance, let the people at your destination know if your itinerary changes, and always have a charged mobile phone handy. If you need to give yours some juice on the go, take a solar window charger with you. Check out our handy travel gadgets guide for more ideas on clever tech to make your Christmas journey easier and safer.


Take it easy

Expect stress, and approach it with the right attitude. If you’ve got a plan, a bag full of healthy snacks (or mince pies!!) and a sack of pressies for your family, you’re doing just fine. Have a range of diversions handy to keep your children behaving when the train gets delayed or the GPS can’t help you find your way around the traffic jam. Use our guide to stress free travelling with children for more advice on making the most of long journeys.


Don’t wrap presents

Heightened airport security is the enemy of wrapping paper. Keep your gifts in bags that can be opened, and wrap them up when you get to where you’re going. European customs officials may also wish to see inside wrapped packets. Err on the side of caution. If you’re leaving the country, leave your wrapping until you arrive at your destination.

Booking flights, hotels and train tickets for the Christmas period doesn’t have to be stressful. has train and European rail tickets, flights and hotel bookings for the festive period. Book early for the best prices.

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