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5 Ways to Save Money for Your Travels

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New Year euphoria already given way to the January blues? We’ve got the perfect tonic. When it’s cold outside and the nights are long, what better time is there to start planning – and saving – for your next adventure? Get the laptop out, fire up your favourite travel guides and start putting those pennies away. And don’t worry if you’re no good at squirreling your cash:’s here to help with some saving suggestions!

Every little helps…

The key to successful saving is to start small. Rather than aiming at a huge target figure, give yourself an achievable monthly amount to set aside for your great escape. Doesn’t matter if it’s £50 or £500. Get into the habit of setting aside a minimum portion of the money you earn every month, as soon as you earn it. That way, you’ll never even notice it going!

Make saving fun

Stashing the cash doesn’t have to be a major undertaking. Find a way to make saving your travel fund fun. Personal favourites include a piggy bank for spending money, or a giant bottle for ticket money. If you’re saving exclusively between bank accounts, try giving your savings account an inspiring name – “The Escape Fund”, or “Next Year’s Adventure!”. If you have a specific destination or purpose for travelling, it helps to say so: “Trekking in Nepal”, for example, or “Vick’s birthday in Venezuela”…

Look for the best deals

It’s never too early to start searching for train tickets, flight tickets and hotels. The earlier you book, the more money you’re likely to save. And if you’ve already bought a flight, you’ll give yourself extra incentive to save up what you need for car hire or spending money. Remember you can save even more by searching for all your travel needs (car hire, flights, hotel bookings, UK and European rail travel) on

Budget your break

If you’re going to Berlin, you want to see where the Wall used to be. A trip to Barcelona means visiting the Sagrada Familia. And Paris without Le Tour Eiffel? C’est impossible. Budget your break in advance, so you know how much the key sights and attractions are going to cost. After all, there’s no point in travelling halfway across Europe just to wander around in the street! Key budgeting requirements: hotels, travel arrangements, food, must-see places and must-do activities. When you know in advance how much you need, you’ll know when your savings have reached the minimum figure for a great trip.

Book smart

Train tickets, flight tickets and hotels can all be booked for less if you do it smart. Sometimes, two single tickets cost less than one return, so if you can be flexible on your dates you may find yourself saving on your travel. Last minute hotel bookings are usually cheaper than advance ones: no hotel likes an empty room, so if you’re prepared to play a waiting game you can get swanky for less than the price of an average bed and breakfast. Of course, you can get burned: if you don’t find what you need at such short notice you’ll end up homeless in Hamburg or bed-hopping in Bonn.

Saving to travel doesn’t have to be hard when you break it into manageable chunks. Start now, and your next great trip could be a lot more cost effective! Remember to check for all your travel needs: the more and the earlier you book, the better your savings will be…

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