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14 travel resolutions for 2014

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How are your New Year’s resolutions going? It’s usually round about now that all those good intentions start to buckle under the weight of normality. Well, fear not – because the good people in the Facebook and Twitter community have come up with these brilliant travel resolutions for 2014! We reckon it might just be fun committing to keep one or two of these…

Get the best deals

Advance planning saves money so you can travel farther and more often. can help, with great discounts on advance cheap train tickets, hotels and car hire. You can redeem Clubcard vouchers with us too.

Explore from your doorstep

This is a brilliant suggestion for reconnecting with the adventures right outside your window. Often we’re too busy or stressed to notice the great stuff happening in our home town. Grab the kids and go exploring!

Go somewhere you’ve never been

Let’s make 2014 the year of adventure. Book cheap train tickets to somewhere you’ve always wanted to go – or stick a pin in a map of Europe and hit the road.

Learn the local language

Even mastering a few phrases can make you feel you’ve scratched the surface of your destination – and you’d be amazed how much more help the locals give you when they see you’re trying.

Keep photos and mementoes of your journey

A journey is more than just a trip. Print your favourite photos and stick them in our travel journal. Keep unexpected souvenirs. And keep looking around you!

Do something that scares you

The best things in life are scary. Take a deep breath and step out into the unknown. Your future self will thank you for it!

Take a spontaneous day trip

Work pressure grinding you down? Make the most of your holiday allowance! Pick the right time in your working month, grab a quick day off and take the other half somewhere spontaneous. This one’s a great idea for Valentine’s Day.

Pack light

Don’t let packing stress you out before you’ve even left home. Pack light and free up your adventurous side. You can always buy what you need when you hit your destination.

Try a new form of transport

Sick of driving everywhere? Take the train! While everyone else toils through endless traffic jams, you could be kicking back and admiring the view. Plus gets you cheap train tickets throughout the UK, and outstanding deals on European rail travel…

Make a travel budget

Budgeting just stopped being boring. If you make a travel budget and stick to it, you’ll be achieving holidays you never thought you’d be able to take, before you can say bon voyage…

Speak to someone you don’t know

Travel is about meeting new people as well as visiting new places. Who knows? That person over there looking at the departures board could turn out to be your soul mate…

Worry less, organise more

Organisation isn’t dull – it’s the key to successful travel. Plan your journeys, regiment the important stuff (passport, traveller’s checks, train tickets) and you’ll free up all that brain space for the really important stuff – new experiences!

Unplug your trip

A holiday’s supposed to relax you, so leave all those smart devices at home. Why spend half your journey staring at a screen when you could be gazing at the wonders of the world?

Have fun!

Best travel resolution ever. Quit fretting, take a risk and open yourself up to the joy of your journey. Who knows where all that fun could take you…?

Thanks to everyone in the online community for sending in their suggestions. We’ll keep you in tip-top adventuring form this year, wherever you decide to go! Remember, whatever your travel resolution, you can book all of your cheap train tickets, hotels and car hire through

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