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How to Plan a Romantic Weekend Away

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Valentine’s Day is on the way – if your heart’s beating a little faster as you scratch your head trying to work out where to go on a special weekend away, maybe can help. Check out these top tips for making the Valentine’s weekend as special as possible: and don’t forget, we can help you find the cheapest train tickets, hotels and flights as well. Bon voyage!

Spend time apart

Eh? I thought a romantic weekend away was all about togetherness…? Well, it is, but two to four days’ living entirely in each other’s pockets can be as much of a turn-off on your first break as on your 75th wedding anniversary. Simply put: guys and gals are different. She might really want to try on the dress she just saw. He might be wondering what the scores are. So factor in some alone time, where you both get to do your own stuff. After all, you know what they say. Absence – even if it’s just for an hour – makes the heart grow fonder.

Pick your destination together

Thought you’d be romantic and surprise your other half? Tread carefully. Holidays, unlike jumpers, can’t be taken back to the shop. If your idea of a great backdrop to a romantic weekend involves white water rafting and abseiling, and your partner’s is a city break with plenty of theatre thrown in, you’re going to have to put your heads together before you can do the same with your boots. Don’t worry, though: settling in for an evening of holiday planning can be as fun and exciting as getting on the train or plane. And you’ll be guaranteed to get an experience you both enjoy.

Find a good deal

There’s nothing quite as unromantic as money: but then if you want your romantic getaway pounds to go further on the good stuff, it makes sense to plan ahead for the things you can’t avoid. can help you find cheap train tickets when you book in advance, but we also do great deals on hotels, car hire and flights. Whether you’re heading up to the Peak District to cuddle by the fire, or popping off to Paris for a weekend of classical romance, can help get you there for less!

Keep it short

While it’s tempting to stretch out the loveliness for as long as you can, the fact of the matter is this: a short romantic break is sweet, a long one is sickly. Aim for two nights: the Friday night after you’ve travelled, then the Saturday night before you go back. It’s better to come home wanting more, than travel back in silence and wish you’d left a little bit extra to the imagination!

Get room service

What’s the point of going away to a nice hotel and not taking advantage of the view from your bedroom window? Forget getting dressed for dinner, and order up room service instead. It’s something you don’t get to do every day, it’s a great way to keep things light and lovely, and it’ll make the pair of you feel like film stars. Plus it works for all relationships, whether you’re just getting to know each other or have escaped the kids for a weekend. Strawberries, cream, champagne and imagination. They’re all you need.

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