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The Valentine’s Survival Guide for Singles!

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Valentine’s schmalentines. If you’re sick of cutesy e-cards and saccharine status updates, it’s time to fight back. Trouble is, it can be hard to find quick break destinations that aren’t going to be overrun by doe-eyed couples. Well, fear not – because we’ve put together a list of single friendly destinations for you. Room for one, please captain. We’re going on holiday!

ESPA, Riga


Top of the list for the single and loving it crowd, a spa break is just what the doctor ordered. Get away from the frantic romantics and lose yourself in some serious me time at Riga’s world-class ESPA, which came a very satisfactory 4th in CN Traveller’s 2012 Spa Awards. ESPA pampers the living heck out of you with treatments from all over the world – including one designed specifically to rejuvenate skin that’s gone dry from cold weather. Banish the February blues in style. can help you book hotels in Latvia’s finest city, and you can book your flights through us too.

Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, Amsterdam


Turn the tide of “I love you” tattoos with a fiercely individual statement from the home of ink. Amsterdam’s legendary Tattoo Museum contains a whole torture chamber of relics from the history of body art, and in addition to the obligatory gift shop they’ve got an actual working tattoo parlour on the second floor. What better way to cement your status as a proud solo traveller than with the tat you always wanted? can help you out with European train tickets to get to Dam Central: you’re on your own when it comes to the pain, though.

Noma, Copenhagen


Why should couples get the jump on good food? Head over to Copenhagen and hit world-renowned Noma, where head chef Rene Redzepi creates one-off plates of awesome using fully foraged ingredients. That’s right – he goes out into the wilds of Denmark and comes back with sacks full of woodland madness to create with, and by all accounts the results are earth-shattering. If you fancy a pine needle or two on your main course, this is the place to be. Who needs a partner to try something new? Don’t forget when you’re searching for hotels in the area.

The Northern Lights, Sweden


There’s nothing like a spectacular meteorological light show to remind you that your earthly troubles don’t amount to a hill of snowballs. Sweden’s a fantastic place to go aurora hunting, and you get the added benefit of a visit to Stockholm, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Take your camera, a notebook (to jot down the universe-loves-me feelings of joy you’ll get when you watch the greatest spectacle in all of nature), and – if you want to buy a drink – about a million kronor. For hotels that fit your budget, go to

Peria Hotel, Riccione


The Peria Hotel, in Riccione in Italy, has a rather odd claim to fame – it’s one of the only hotels on earth where you can book daily training rides for triathlons and competitive cycling. So if you’ve decided to show him (or her) what s/he is missing, get involved. Riccione’s got hills for cycling, a sea for swimming in and plenty of gentle inclines to run up too. Get some. Ask for help booking your flights to Italy.

So there you have it – the guide to beating the blues on Valentine’s weekend. Wherever you decide to go, gloriously single all the way, can get you the best deals on your travel and accommodation. And hey: you only have to pay for one. Awesome.

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