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Greatest Travel Playlist Ever!

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What’s your top tune to get out the door? Your best ever driving song? The music you have to listen to when the ‘plane takes off? We’ve trawled the archives for some top tips, and compiled the greatest travel playlist in the history of transport. Here are a few of our faves. Thanks to all the music geeks and travel junkies who helped us out…

Release the Pressure – Leftfield

Your trip starts the moment you book your flights. Kick off the whole thing with Leftfield’s seminal electro-skank behemoth and you’ll be dancing round the room while you sort your connecting train tickets, car hire and hotel rooms. If there’s a better track for shedding the cares of work and getting back on the road, we’d like to know about it.


Istanbul (not Constantinople) – They Might be Giants

Ain’t nobody’s business but the Turks… Hey, you’ve got to have at least one destination themed choon in the mix. And when you leave that track to legendary American alt-rockers TMBG you know it’s going to get your foot tapping on the floor of the train/plane/ferry. Just don’t try it on the accelerator when you’re leaving the car hire place!  


The Workplace – Jim O’Rourke

The greatest driving song ever recorded. Play it with the sun coming up on a foreign highway. O’Rourke’s nigh-on 8 minute masterpiece starts gently and builds to an infectious ending. Guaranteed to put a smile on your face no matter how far you are from your hotel.


Leaving the City – G Love and Special Sauce

Picture the scene… the Eurostar’s pulling out of Paris to start the long haul through the glorious French countryside. You’ve got your train tickets for connections all the way across Europe. You didn’t get much sleep last night thanks to an impromptu hostel party. Then the distorted funk of Philly’s finest alternative hip-hop/blues band comes through your headphones. “And now I’m gone, I couldn’t carry on. Yes I’m leaving the city tonight.” Word.


Autobahn – Kraftwerk

The other greatest driving tune ever, for fairly obvious reasons. Fire up the hire car, cue up the long version of Kraftwerk’s magnum opus and let the horizon come to you. We’re talking over 20 minutes of guaranteed driving bliss. Unless of course you’re on the M25 – in which case we’d suggest “Road to Hell” by Chris Rea.


Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

There’s an unofficial rule somewhere in the universe, which states that no travel compilation is complete unless it’s got Lynyrd Skynyrd in it. Who are we to argue? Get your rock hands out, ignore the song’s jibes at Neil Young and pretend you’re wearing flares. Ideal for car hire journeys just about anywhere, and perfect for big train trips.


Road to Nowhere – Talking Heads

It’s about time we put a little 80s class in the glass. Still the all-time anthem for the itchy-feet brigade, this song’s lyrics say everything that needs to be said about leaving it all behind. “We don’t know where we’re going, but we do know where we’ve been”. And that’s travel, folks.


We’d love to hear what tracks you use when you’re getting in the mood to hit the road. Classic rock or banging techno, doesn’t matter – as long as you can tell us why it makes you want to book your travel with!

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