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Best Ways to Get Into the World Cup Mood!

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Footie fans, it’s time to crank up the atmosphere! The World Cup 2014 kicks off in just a few days,  in the most football-mad nation on the planet. We’ve put our heads together and come up with some cracking ideas for getting in the Brazilian mood. Follow our advice and you’ll be running round the garden with your shirt over your head before you can say “goalgoalgoalgoaaaaaaaal!”

Have a beach BBQ

The great British summer just got greater. We’ve seen enough actual sun in recent weeks to justify thoughts of a beach BBQ – so why not get your hooks on some cheap train tickets from and head for the coast? Pop some Brazilian snacks in your picnic basket. If you’ve never eaten bolinhos de chuvas (tiny cinnamon and sugar fried doughnuts), you’ve never lived. Beautiful food, the beautiful game and some summery carnival tunes should get you in the right frame of mind. We’d recommend DJ Marky’s The Brazilian Job. What can we say? We’re still old skool.


Get the flags out!

There’s something about a World Cup that brings the flag-waver in us to the surface! Don’t just unfurl the St George’s cross, though. This is an international celebration of footballing goodness, after all. Let’s see as many flags from competing nations as we can. If your street is up for it, why not hang a footie version of the United Nations from trees, lamp posts and fences?


Have a mini World Cup

What better way to get in the mood for the real thing than by having your very own World Cup? Arrange the local kids into teams (you’ll need to get CRB checks if you’re doing this yourself), find a sports centre or recreation ground that’ll host the tournament, and break out the plastic trophies. It’s probably best to draw straws for the teams if you don’t want a mutiny on your hands, though.


Get your bake on

There’s always room for cake. Get your friends together and bake up a storm with World Cup themed goodies. Flags are easy to do: bake Victoria sponges and ice them with the different designs. Or you could really go for it and create stadium cakes, complete with Subbuteo players on the pitch…!


Organise an office sweepstake

Boss not in the footie mood? Thumb your nose at the naysayers in time honoured fashion with a World Cup sweepstake. There’s nothing like the prospect of winning some hard cash to get even the most dedicated non-football fan staying up late and shouting at the TV. If you want to go the whole hog, you could arrange for some out of hours office parties to watch the matches too. After all, your colleagues do have money riding on the outcome…


Arrange a trip to see the games

There are dozens of big screen venues opening for the World Cup – so why not get a crew together and travel for one of England’s qualifiers? With, you’ll get excellent deals on car hire (we can arrange coaches as well), and you even earn loyalty points to spend on future travel.’s Fantasy Football Cup

What better way to get into the World Cup spirit than making your very own fantasy football team. Try your hand at World Cup football management by creating your own team and challenge for some fantastic prizes, including an iPad Air and Xbox One! Register and enter your team by clicking here.


Let us know how you’re planning on celebrating the start of the 2014 World Cup. We’d love to hear about your parties, bake offs and Brazilian barbecues! And remember, if you’re travelling to a celebration can get you cheaper train tickets and car hire.


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