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Croatia Calls….

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We spent an afternoon walking in the sun at Ancona prior to our ferry across the Adriatic Sea that evening, sampling the last morsels of Italian Gelato(!), as well as the breath-taking Passetto Monument and cathedral in the town. By the time our ferry was about to depart though, the glorious sunshine from the afternoon had turned to dense, dark and very damp clouds as a thunderstorm brewed out at sea. Witnessing the lightning storm on the open sea was simultaneously terrifying and spectacular and needless to say not much sleep was had that night!

Come the morning, the storm had dissipated and at 7.30am we had arrived in Split, where our first port of call (after dropping off luggage) was the beach, where we spent most of the day ‘chillaxing’ after the eventful night before.

The following day was much more energetic as we traversed the open water again, only this time via a sea kayak from Marjan National Park to the majestic island of Ciovo and back, where our old friend sunburn reared its ugly head once again!

Little did we know that our time in Split coincided with a national holiday. It felt like the entire city descended on the central square in the evening to take part in the dancing, fireworks and other frivolities late into the night. Our final day was spent wandering through the promenade and the open markets as the city recovered from the previous evening’s celebrations. There is lovely relaxing atmosphere that travels through the veins of the city and everyone we met was warm, welcoming and friendly. We’re already planning a proper holiday back in Split next year to experience the beautiful coastal views once again!

A six hour train to Zagreb followed and we had a great time exploring this quaint and quiet city. The Upper Town and it’s plethora of cafés and restaurants on a sunny day are delightful and the theme of welcoming and friendly locals continued during our time there! Zagreb also has the most efficient tram network we’ve come across on our travels so far, as well as some stunning views from an observation tower:


Chris took a LONG day trip to meet some friends from Rome in Ljubljana in Slovenia from Zagreb. Ljubljana is a small but architecturally breath-taking city and the views from the castle paint a picture of a city with a remarkable history over the last century. It is well worth a visit to absorb all that it has to offer, which is a lot more than Chris was able to experience in his short time there!

A rail replacement bus also took us to the underground caves in Postojna, where we spent the afternoon feeling like we’d walked onto a planet from Star Wars or Doctor Who as we took a tourist train into the heart of the mountain range. To everyone with a love of Geography, do try and visit this truly unique place, you will not be disappointed!

Onwards to Budapest next, where Sziget music festival awaits us and tens of thousands of other music fans from all over the world! We can’t wait!

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