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Our Travel Gurus reach Geneva

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It only took until Day 2 of our adventure to be reminded of home, in the form of a rail replacement bus service from Bellegarde to Geneva (well it was a Sunday afternoon after all!) The stunning scenic views traversing through the mountains between the French/Swiss border far outweighed any inconvenience in the extension to our journey time!

On Day 3 we decided to swap trains and buses for boats on Lake Geneva, travelling to Lausanne (about 40 miles away) and back. The weather was certainly in our favour in the morning as we all chilled out on deckchairs taking in the plethora of sights that Lake Geneva has to offer; from the gothic and decadent châteaux in Yvoire to the towering sights of the Jura mountain range looming over the Lake.

On arrival in Lausanne we visited the Olympic Museum gardens where Happy Bunny made a valiant attempt to break the high jump record, falling only about 2.5 metres short!

The glorious sunshine quickly turned to a sudden downpour leaving Mark hilariously trying to work out how to put on a travel poncho at a moment’s notice. The last laugh would be on Chris however, when sunburn reared its angry peppered head! Never has the Scouts’ motto of “Be Prepared” been more apt –  we’ve certainly come out of the experience wiser for the remainder of our travels!

Day 4 took us back towards the French border to visit CERN, as well exploring the unique Patek Philippe Museum of watches, which houses an extravagant display of timepieces from the last 400 years. Unfortunately there wasn’t a Toblerone factory nearby but we are happy to confirm that Swiss chocolate is devilishly delicious and far too tempting for our own good! We also got a little drenched under the Jet d’Eau, perhaps the most recognisable of Geneva’s landmarks! As you can see, no situation is too tough for Team Giggity to get a selfie!

Roll on Rome as our next port of call…

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