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Pastries in Prague!

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A short distance travelling from Budapest (well six hours is peanuts in comparison to the Zagreb to Budapest journey!) and we had arrived at Praha Hlavni Nadrazi, a wonderfully modern station that is cleverly split over several levels. After dropping our bags off at the hostel and a much needed hot meal we set out our ‘site-seeing’ plans for the next few days.

There is no better place to start in Prague than the Charles Bridge, an incredibly decadent neo-gothic bridge that stretches over the river, and is constantly jam packed with tourists and street vendors at every time of the day. Keep an eye out for the 16 biblical statues that decorate the bridge – each one is more intricate and impressive than the last.

From the other side of the bridge we traversed up the steep slopes and steps to the castle grounds – the size of which is equivalent to seven football pitches! From the grounds our eyes were treated to some truly spectacular views of the Czech capital, but it was the scale of St Vitus’ Cathedral and its elegant stained glass windows that impressed the most, as our afternoon was spent immersed in Czech history. We were certainly grateful that the journey was downhill all the way from the grounds to the hostel by evening.

We split up the following day. Mark visited the impressive array of exotic animals at Prague Zoo, whereas Chris spent the day exploring the labyrinth of the main city, in particular the “Tower” in the Old Town Central Square with the Astronomical Clock. Chris also explored the Communist Museum hidden just off one of the busiest streets in the city which comes highly recommended for those with a keen interest in the Cold War and the downfall of the Soviet Union.

It’s impossible not to mention our time in the Czech Republic without mentioning Trdlo (sometimes known as Trdelnik). Trdlo is based off a 17th century recipe where a sweet pastry is wrapped around a wooden stick, and slowly baked over hot coals. The cylindrical pastry is then coated with sugar and cinnamon and like pancakes, can be filled with nutella, jam etc. Once tasted Chris fell entirely in love with the street food – if you ever find yourself in the Czech Republic then we highly recommend this amazing delicacy!

Leaving such wonderful food behind was tough, but Berlin called and so northwards we go!

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