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Berlin beckons

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And so on to the next stop on our InterRail adventure…Berlin!
If Prague is a city where you visit simply to see the historical culture, Berlin is the modern-day ‘cool city’.

The train journey from Prague to Berlin is by the fast Eurocity (EC) train – the journey takes just under 5 hours and the views across the Czech Republic and Germany are simply amazing. This was one of my favourite train journeys of the whole trip simply due to the changing landscapes and views we were given!

After arriving in the city and making a short trip to the trendy Friedrichstrasse district in East Berlin, we checked into our hostel and set about exploring the surrounding area. The hostel was fantastic the rooms were of a generous size, there was unlimited free tea, and even a pool table – something we really made the most of during one particularly rainy evening.

Berlin is an absolute paradise for any InterRail trip and is somewhere I would definitely recommend. Not only does the city include such cultural highlights as the Reichstag Building, the home of the old German Imperial Diet until 1933, but it includes modern-day memorials to the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and those who died in the Holocaust.

A day trip to Poznan in Poland was also taken by Chris and me during our time staying in Berlin – simply to tick off another country on the list! I would have to say that, at under 2 and a half hours from Berlin, it’s well worth a trip to see how a another country has a different culture for the day.

However, our stay in Berlin wasn’t all about the sights. It’s also about trying new cuisines and the German speciality is the simply exceptional Currywurst. It is exactly what it translates to – curry sausage! A traditional pub meal consisting of a sausage and potato wedges covered in home-made spiced curry sauce alongside sampling some of Germany’s finest beers is simply heaven. The food was so good, I returned there once more during our stay!

I left Berlin with the desire to return one day – not to visit, but to live. The city has an amazing vibe and gives the impression of somewhere truly chilled out and relaxed. Auf Wiedersehen Berlin!

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