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Top UK ghost walks

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Stoke the fire, pour yourself a brandy and try not to look out the window. There are spooky goings-on in every corner of the UK, and we’ve found some of the best walks to see them on! From buried Scottish streets to a cursed elevator in a London hospital, these are the things that will be going bump in the night this Halloween…

The Real Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh

Beneath the tourist-traps of the Royal Mile, there’s a much darker Edinburgh. Mary King’s Close is a warren of ancient streets buried under the buildings. Tour guides for The Real Mary King’s Close, dressed in period costume, take trembling walkers on a 400 year odyssey of bloodcurdling events, unexplained occurrences and confirmed hauntings. Meet Little Annie, the ghost of a long-dead child, and keep your ears pricked for the cries of plague victims walled up in the tenements…

The London Halloween Ghost Walk

Join Most Haunted’s Richard Jones for an odyssey across spook-infested London! Highlights include the haunted lift in London’s most venerable hospital, and the site of Bloody Mary’s Smithfield massacre. Powerful stuff.

The Ghost Trail of York

York reckons it’s the UK’s most haunted city, boasting more ghosts per square foot than anywhere else in the country. The Ghost Trail of York has won multiple awards for supernatural excellence. The Trail weighs in at an ectoplasmic 70 minutes, is buggy and wheelchair friendly, and is designed to be both scary and fun. You’ll meet horrors old and new, and the hosts really get their teeth into portraying life in a medieval city. Kids love it.

Necrobus – London, Edinburgh and York

With a name like “Necrobus”, you know you’re in for a spooky ride! These hilarious ghost hunters have salvaged a trio of 1960s Routemaster buses for their horrible odysseys. Not strictly a walk, but a spectacular experience nonetheless, with doomed conductors leading buses full of wide-eyed kids and parents on a deliciously terrifying journey around the most haunted streets in Britain. Ghost Bus tours are brilliantly theatrical (i.e. gory and jumpy), and as a result are not suited to young children.

Oxford Castle Unlocked

There’s nothing like an old gaol to bring the spooks out! Oxford Castle Unlocked takes visitors behind the scenes at Oxford’s 11th century version of Alcatraz. Learn about the executioner Jack Ketch, the terrifying warder Marshall William Smith, and the murderess Mary Blandy. Descend into the depths of the 900 year old crypt. Then join Bill Spectre on an intrepid ghost hunt through the streets of the University town…

Clitheroe Castle Ghost Hunt

If you’ve always fancied yourself as a real-life Ghostbuster, Clitheroe Castle’s the ideal place to test your skills! On Halloween night, the super-haunted fortress plays host to a band of fearless ghost hunters, kitted out with real-life psychic recording equipment and spook-hunting machines. You’ll participate in scary experiments, meet the experts and attend a vigil in the dark. Creepy, enthusiastic and highly recommended! can provide cheap train tickets to any of these ghost walk destinations when you book in advance. Book train tickets or car hire through us and you’ll be rewarded with loyalty points to spend on future ghostly adventures!

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