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Arriving in Amsterdam!

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After a fantastic time in Berlin, it was on to Amsterdam for Team Giggity! The train from Berlin to Amsterdam is extremely easy – simply alight in the morning and you will be in Amsterdam by early afternoon! The trains are run by the German national network, Deutsche Bahn (DB), and with the famed German efficiency there were absolutely no delays, whatsoever. It was a great journey travelling across the German countryside and through Holland to our destination.

This is the second time Chris and I have been to Amsterdam and it seems that even now we are still finding new areas and attractions we didn’t know existed. That’s the beauty of a city which is surrounded by what seems like a million and one canals and waterways!

This time we decided to explore further and do more wondering off the beaten tourist path, and do less traditional things such as visiting museums. However, the Anne Frank and Van Gogh Museums are two which I would recommend to anybody visiting Amsterdam – you simply can’t miss them out of a trip!

The city also has some amazing food on offer – try some of their chips from a street vendor and you’ll see what I mean! Despite being a very touristy city, you can get a decent meal for 10-15 Euros too – good value for us. It meant despite being almost at the end of our month long trip and running out of money, we could still eat well!

I would really recommend that anybody looking to visit Amsterdam should stay a good three or four days at least – there is simply so much to do. From wandering around the picturesque streets, to sitting by the river as the sun sets eating a meal with a cool glass of beer – Amsterdam is so laid back it is hard not to enjoy yourself!

On to Brussels now – our last stop on our InterRail journey!

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