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On the Rail Ale Trail: best pubs on platforms

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That sinking feeling when you’ve just missed your train melts away once you’ve had your first sip of truly great ale at the station. Having hours between connections doesn’t seem quite as tedious when there’s a decent pub around.

While many stations do have bog standard, soulless pubs, there are plenty others which are full of character and serve a great range of beers and ciders. They’re so good that they’ve become destinations in themselves, with dedicated ale fans turning visiting the station pubs into an art form on their so-called Rail Ale Trails.

While we wouldn’t want to encourage anyone to drink more than they can handle, we do want to celebrate thriving independent pubs selling quality beer, especially with so many pubs closing every year.

Keep reading for our pick of the best platform pubs and let our map be your guide…

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