Pockit Terms and Conditions

T's & C's for those participating in the Pockit scheme.

Pockit Scheme Terms

If you have purchased your train tickets using your Pockit Prepaid MasterCard®, you will not receive redspottedhanky.com loyalty points for these transactions.

The loyalty points for the transactions made using your Pockit Prepaid Card will be sent back to the Pockit Prepaid Card administrators who will ensure the agreed cashback amount gets put back on to the cardholders prepaid card.

Any transactions made on your account not using a Pockit Prepaid Card will earn loyalty points as per the standard terms and conditions for redspottedhanky.com loyalty points.

At redspottedhanky.com we reserve the right to remove loyalty points for transactions made with a Pockit Prepaid Card at any time, which may result in your loyalty account having a negative balance.